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Amy Duggar: I have to protect my son from the rest of my family! – UnlistedNews

Amy Duggar has made her feelings for her extended family VERY well known over the years.

And now?

As a result?

She says that she must make almost any effort to keep her immediate family safe from his influence.

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Amy Duggar poses here with her husband and their adorable son. (instagram)

Earlier this month, Amazon released a documentary about the Duggars and the extremely conservative church whose values ​​Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar once imposed on their children.

Amy figures prominently in this documentary.

She says on camera that Jim Bob allowed his daughters to be abused and then said he doesn’t even care.

Speaking with ET Canada’s Morgan Hoffman this week about the “Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets” special, Amy said her “trust” in Jim Bob has understandably been “broken,” and she has no idea if it can ever be mended. .

Amy Duggar I have to protect my son from the
Amy Duggar has never had any problem calling her seemingly evil uncle. (TLC)

“If you’re going to cover up the abuse, then, you know, if you’re not going to protect your children or your children in the past, I’m going to protect mine,” Duggar told this outlet of his young son.

Amy, of course, cites here Josh Duggar and how he convicted him on child pornography charges in 2021, and also how he confessed six years earlier to inappropriately touching little girls as a teenager.

Speaking of her baby, Amy added:

“I don’t know if he’ll ever really get to know them, which I hate to say. But at the same time, I don’t know who else is struggling in some kind of area that they’re not getting help with because they don’t believe in counseling.

His relatives “do not believe in any type of external counseling,” Amy emphasized in this interview.

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Because the other Duggars hide their feelings and don’t even try to face their demons, Amy continued, their problems turn into something “evil and monstrous.”

“So for me, I have to protect my little one from that,” she continued.

Elsewhere, with Jill Duggar publishing her memoirs later this year?

Amy says she’ll probably do the same at some point.

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“I grew up with a very narcissistic father… like I didn’t feel like I was up to it,” Amy concluded in this chat.

“If I do a book, which I’m still praying for, but if I do a book, I just wanted to help, like the people they are, where do I fit in?

“[There’s] just a lot of people who can relate to it where they just say, I don’t fit in with my family. I’m being torn apart like this. I’m not perfect, you know, all these things.

“So yeah, we’ll see.”


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