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Anu Malik reveals that Javed Akhtar asked for his autograph after he composed the song Sandese Aate Hai by Border-Entertainment News, Unlisted News – UnlistedNews

Whenever we talk about some of the most memorable and enduring songs of the ’90s, Border’s soulful tune Sandese Aate immediately comes to mind. Composer Anu Malik’s song, which is a musical ode to our jawans and their sacrifices, still thrills us with its impeccable lyrics and beautiful voice.

Recently, Anu Malik revealed how Javed Akhtar asked her for an autograph after the song was made.

“When I read Ay Guzarne Wali Hava Bata, I began to hum the melody under my breath. Suddenly, Javed Sahab looked at me and said: ‘What are you saying?’ then i sang Wahan Rehti Hai Meri Boodhi Maa, and, out of nowhere, I started singing the whole song and JP Sahab looked at me. Javed Sahab got up to find a cassette and asked: ‘Would you give me an autograph, please?’ I did Sandese Aate Hai 7.5 minute run time. Everyone was so excited with the outcome of the song. JP sahab, who rarely lets out what he feels inside, stood up, nodded and said, ‘Let’s go for it.’ His father was there too, Uncle OP,” Anu Malik told ANI.

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The composer also revealed how he brought in Sonu Nigam and Roop Kumar Rathod for the song, adding, “There was a young singer in my mind and I said to JP Sahab, ‘Let’s bring in Roopkumar Rathod as I have seen him instead.’ There is also another young man I met in Delhi. I like his voice,’ I told JP Sahab, adding: ‘His name is Sonu Nigam. I promised him that one day I would give him a job.’ And I wanted to give him that song. It was a big problem. Even today, when the song comes on, people grab me and give me hugs. At airports, I met Jawans who introduced me to his mother saying that he made the song. Sandese Aate Hai. It’s an overwhelming feeling.”

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