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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘FUBAR’ opens at no. #1 on the streaming chart – UnlistedNews

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first television series got off to a good start in the United States.

FUBARaction comedy starring terminator star, topped the Nielsen broadcast charts for its opening week of May 22-28 (the show debuted on May 25). Succession was constant in the week leading up to the series finale, and Prime Video’s big budget Citadel he joined the rankings for the week his season finale fell.

FUBAR racked up 1.53 billion minutes of viewing for the week, which equates to about 25.57 million hours, about 29 percent of the worldwide total Netflix reported for the show that week (Nielsen and Netflix use different methods to calculate the display time). Netflix has renewed the series for a second season. SMASH, which joined the rankings the week before, more than doubled its watch time to 1.35 billion minutes on Netflix, Hulu and Paramount+. It was the only other title to surpass 1 billion minutes of viewing.

Succession had 541 million minutes of viewing on Max for the week (not including linear viewing on HBO cable channels), a mark down from 550 million the week before. The series finale aired on HBO on May 28, but since Nielsen closes its weekly books on Sunday nights, the final episode only had a few hours to rack up time toward its weekly total (HBO reported record-high viewership on the series). first night to go, with most of that coming through Max).

Citadel broke into the top 10 original series for the first time with 273 million minutes of viewing. The spy drama had 306 million minutes of viewing time in its debut week at the end of April, but fell outside the top 10 in that frame. Another Prime Video series, The wonderful Mrs. Maisel (483 million minutes, up from 443 million), ranked fourth among originals, and the series finale premiered on May 26.

Nielsen broadcast ratings cover viewing on televisions only and do not include minutes viewed on computers or mobile devices. Ratings only measure US audiences, not other countries. The top streaming titles for May 22-28 are below.

In general

1. FUBAR (Netflix), 1.53 billion minutes watched
2. SMASH (Netflix/Hulu/Paramount+), 1.35 billion
3. all american (Netflix), 893 million
4. NCIS (Netflix/Paramount+), 871 million
5. ted lasso (Apple TV+), 769 million
6. cocomelon (Netflix), 690 million
7. Blue (Disney+), 659 million
8. Missing (2023) (Netflix), 626 million
9. Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story (Netflix), 571 million
10 Succession (Max), 541 million

original series

1. FUBAR1.53 billion minutes
2. ted lasso769 million
3. Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story571 million
4. The wonderful Mrs. Maisel (Prime Video), 483 million
5. sunset sale (Netflix), 464 million
6. XO, kitty (Netflix), 429 million
7. firefly lane (Netflix), 337 million
8. weird eye (Netflix), 299 million
9. barbecue showdown (Netflix), 277 million
10 Citadel (Prime Video), 273 million

acquired series

1. SMASH1.35 billion minutes
2. all american893 million
3. NCIS871 million
4. cocomelon690 million
5. Blue659 million
6. Succession541 million
7. The Queen of the South (Netflix), 512 million
8. yellow stone (peacock), 502 million
9. Big Bang Theory (Max), 442 million
10 Heartlands (Hulu/Netflix/Peacock), 420 million


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