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Bigg Boss OTT 2: Host Salman Khan criticized for holding a cigarette; Pronouncing the F-word on stage – UnlistedNews

It was added to the list of infamous activities associated with the controversial reality show. Big Boss OTT 2, host Salman Khan recently drew attention for holding a cigarette and using the F word on stage. The latest episode of ‘Weekend ka Vaar’ saw the actor educate the contestants on his behavior inside the house. Wearing a plaid shirt and pants, he was seen with a cigarette between his fingers. This has sparked an online debate with social media users criticizing the team for making the “biggest mistake”. Several other users pointed out that the big boss The team “forgot to cut this part and broadcast it live.”

Check out the Twitter post:

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The post got more than 8.2 lakh views. It generated a wide range of comments.

Take a look at some of the responses below:

One user wrote: “Just a cigarette.”

Another user posted: “Salman Khan smoking live”

Look at the post:

“The cameraman gave him away, sallu bhoi was secretly smoking thinking he would be edited out,” one user noted.

Another wrote: “When I saw it live, I didn’t believe it.”

Salman Khan drops the F-bomb

The incident came to light when the conversation between Salman Khan and contestant Cyrus Broacha took place. Although no eviction was scheduled for the latest episode of Weekend Ka Vaar, the comedian expressed his desire for a voluntary departure. This prompted the host to explain the legal process involved if a contestant breaches the signed contract.

When asked about leaving the show, Salman Khan told comedian Cyrus Broacha: “You’ll feel so bad about yourself you’ll say fuck! Why didn’t I listen to these guys?” To this, Cyrus replied that he sincerely wishes the creators would forgive the penalty and let him out.

Salman Khan in conversation with Cyrus Broacha

Cyrus briefly explained his problems by saying that he can’t sleep, adding: “I am completely finished. I can’t handle it, I can’t take it anymore. My diabetes has gone bad. I ask them to let me out. I’m not even contributing anymore; I’m like a dead soul here now.” To this, Salman asked him to practice deep breathing while lying on the floor.

YouTuber Kunal Vijayakar, a close friend of Cyrus, was also called in to cheer him on. big boss. Salman later urged Cyrus to listen to Kunal: “I know Cyrus it’s just another four or five weeks and the whole nation is watching you. Listen, brother, I can’t get you out of this place and if I get you out, then I’ll have to get such and such people out of this house.”

The last episode announced the extension of the show for another two weeks, from the previous scheduled 6-week run. The final episode will now air on August 13. Reports about former contestants appearing on the show have been making the rounds, however, no official announcement has been made yet.


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