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‘Black Mirror’ jumps to the top of the streaming charts – UnlistedNews

Netflix’s Sci-Fi Anthology black mirror debuted at no. 1 on the broadcast charts during the week of its sixth season premiere.

The series delivered 1.36 billion minutes of viewing time in the United States during the week of June 12-18, according to Nielsen ratings. black mirror displaced No. 1 from the previous week, Avatar: The Path of Waterwhich dropped 45 percent in viewing time but still surpassed the billion-minute mark on Disney+ and Max, which share streaming rights.

The James Cameron film fell to third place overall, with SMASH (1.21 billion minutes) continuing its strong performance on three streamers: Netflix, Paramount+ and Hulu. The show has surpassed 1 billion minutes of viewing for four consecutive weeks. the netflix movie Extraction 2starring Chris Hemsworth, also surpassed 1 billion minutes with 1.02 billion in its first week.

Among original series, Netflix’s Manifest (969 million minutes) and Never Have I Ever (832 million) ranked behind Black Mirror. Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso continued to show staying power more than two weeks after the end of its third season, achieving 529 million minutes of viewing. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (338 million minutes) entered the top 10 with the premiere of its second season on Paramount+.

Nielsen broadcast ratings cover viewing on televisions only and do not include minutes viewed on computers or mobile devices. Ratings only measure US audiences, not other countries. The top streaming titles for June 12-18 are below.

In general

1. black mirror (Netflix), 1.36 billion minutes watched
2. SMASH (Hulu/Netflix/Paramount+), 1.21 billion
3. Avatar: The Path of Water (Disney+/Max), 1.06 billion
4. Extraction 2 (Netflix), 1.02 billion
5. Manifest (Netflix), 969 million
6. I have never (Netflix), 832 million
7. NCIS (Netflix/Paramount+), 701
8. Heartlands (Hulu/Netflix/Peacock), 678 million
9. Blue (Disney+), 669 million
10 cocomelon (Netflix), 541 million

original series

1. black mirror1.36 billion minutes
2. Manifest969 million
3. I have never832 million
4. ted lasso (Apple TV+), 529 million
5. FUBAR (Netflix), 503 million
6. surrogacy (Netflix), 496 million
7. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Paramount+), 338 million
8. Tex-Mex Engines (Netflix), 312 million
9. Gabby’s Dollhouse (Netflix), 280 million
10 arnold (Netflix), 278 million

acquired series

1. SMASH1.21 billion minutes
2. NCIS701 million
3. Heartlands678 million
4. Blue669 million
5. cocomelon541 million
6. Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix), 514 million
7. Shameless (Netflix/Paramount+), 496 million
8. yellow stone (peacock), 495 million
9. Big Bang Theory (Max), 490 million
10 Criminal minds (Hulu/Paramount+), 457 million


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