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BTS’s Jungkook Reveals His Health ‘Worse’ After Landing In US; ARMY says ‘he was sick, he had to perform in the rain’-Entertainment News, Unlisted News – UnlistedNews

BTS member Jungkook performed at Good Morning America’s summer concert series in New York amid bad weather. While the handsome hunk became the first K-pop solo artist to perform at the GMA, the artist shared that he was unwell and his health “worsened” after landing in New York while interacting with fans. of him in a live session. .

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While interacting with fans, he said, “To be honest, my condition wasn’t that great either and it got worse once I landed. But don’t worry, it’s getting better… it’s not Covid-19, I got tested.” The multi-talented personality also added, as translated by Twitter user @BTStranslation_, “I prepared a microphone since my throat condition is not that good.” He also said, “Due to the weather, the concert was canceled after the rehearsal, so it was unfortunate.”

Sharing his thoughts on the Seven music video, Jungkook said, “I wanted to see your reactions, the music video is pretty funny right? How should I say it? Somehow, the plot and theme are not something you would normally see in music videos.” He added, “I remember filming the music video here was quite difficult. It was cold, but since the water was warm, I didn’t catch a cold.”

Talking about the funeral scene in the music video, Jungkook said, “The scene you like the most, I think it’s here. It’s a scene that makes one upset, right? (laughs).”

Jungkook cut the strawberry cake during the live session and said, “I heard that the cake is quite expensive, so I wanted to try it. It’s delicious.” Before leaving, he said, “I am always grateful (to you) and always move with you in mind. You too, please give me constant encouragement and I will also keep working hard while thinking of you… I will keep running ”.


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