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It’s official: Chelsea Houska has accomplished the impossible!

Along with her husband Cole DeBoer, Chelsea has managed to make the leap from reality TV stardom to a much more legitimate form of fame.

These days, Chelsea and Cole are hosting their very own HGTV home renovation show!

And after a successful first season, the couple is currently hard at work filming. fabulous at home Season 2!

1687904109 94 Chelsea Houska is roasted by Instagram trolls Stop doing the
Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer prepare to film their HGTV show in the summer of 2023. (Photo credit: Instagram)

It’s unusual for reality stars to successfully transition into more respectable media careers, but it looks like Chelsea and Cole pulled it off.

These days, they’re being introduced to a whole new audience, and curiosity about Chelsea’s life is at an all-time high as a result.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into some…

Answers to the most common questions about Chelsea Houska!

Chelsea Houska in Napa
Chelsea Houska has been living her best life lately. (Photo credit: Instagram)

We’ll start with the most basic query of all.

And it’s one that’s probably pretty common among HGTV viewers these days:

Who is Chelsea Houska?

Chelsea Houska is a businesswoman
Chelsea Houska is entering an exciting new stage in her career! (Photo credit: Instagram)

Chelsea Houska was a high school senior living with her parents in Vermillion, South Dakota when she became pregnant by her then-boyfriend Adam Lind.

On the first day of her senior year, she went into labor five weeks early, an event that was captured by MTV camera crews for the show. 16 and pregnant.

It was a somewhat inauspicious start to Chelsea’s television career, but against all odds, she managed to become a huge success, both in the medium and in her personal life.

Chelsea at home
Chelsea Houska likes to share photos of her beautiful home and family. (Photo credit: Instagram)

Chelsea went on to star teen mom 2where it quickly became a fan favorite.

And to the delight of those fans, Houska earned her GED, enrolled in beauty school, and proved to be a loving and dedicated mother to her daughter Aubree.

She also left behind Aubree’s slacker dad, which is one of the biggest wins in reality TV history.

Adam Lind Steroids Photo
Adam Lind, the teen mom 2 dropout, is probably definitely on steroids. Just say. (Photo credit: Instagram)

Chelsea married Cole DeBoer, who might be the best father and partner in the entire Teen Mom franchise.

Okay, that’s a pretty low bar. But still…

Just a few months after getting married, Chelsea and Cole welcomed a son named Watson DeBoer.

1690217539 705 Chelsea Houska Answers to all your questions about the most
Chelsea Houska and her family take a photo at their cabin. (Photo credit: Instagram)

And they didn’t stop there!

The couple welcomed a daughter named Layne Ettie on August 28, 2018, and another girl, Walker June, on January 25, 2021.

Needless to say, Chelsea and Cole have been busy in the baby-making department.

1690217539 766 Chelsea Houska Answers to all your questions about the most
Chelsea and Cole have been through a lot in the past year. But they are still smiling! (Photo credit: Instagram)

In fact, Chelsea has been busy in general!

She’s accomplished an incredible amount in her young life, and while she’s still young on the outside, she possesses a maturity that probably makes HGTV viewers think she’s much older than she is. So …

How old is Chelsea Houska?

1688827509 823 Chelsea Houskas Latest Instagram Photo Sparks Weight Loss Concerns Girl
Chelsea poses on her front porch on July 4, 2023. (Photo credit: Instagram)

Chelsea Houska was born on August 29, 1991, which makes her 31 years old.

He has put a lot of life in those years, and he is already starring in his third popular tv show!

Chelsea also survived an abusive relationship, married the love of her life, raised a family, and built a beautiful, spacious home in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

She’s certainly not one to waste time!

Chelsea and her family on Mount Rushmore
Chelsea Houska poses at Mount Rushmore with her husband, Cole DeBoer, and their children. (Photo credit: Instagram)

How many children does Chelsea Houska have?

Chelsea Houska has a daughter by Adam Lind and two girls and a boy by Cole DeBoer, making her the mother of four children.

It’s not very common these days to see people in their early thirties with four kids, but there are several such cases in the Teen Mom universe, including Chelsea’s former friend Kailyn Lowry.

We suppose that makes sense.

chelsea houska and cute family
Chelsea Houska is pictured here with her family. (Photo credit: Instagram)

After all, these moms started young and most of them can financially support large families.

That is certainly the case for Chelsea!

What does Chelsea Houska do for a living?

Chelsea Houska is roasted by Instagram trolls Stop doing the
Chelsea and Cole are the newest stars on the HGTV network! (Photo credit: Instagram)

Along With Husband Cole DeBoer, Chelsea Houska Hosts HGTV’s Renewal Show fabulous at home.

Chelsea and Cole’s show debuted to strong ratings and was quickly renewed for a second season, which is currently filming.

It’s a dream come true for Chelsea, who has always had a passion for design, and Cole, who has a background in construction.

Chelsea and Cole on HGTV
Chelsea Houska endured years of abuse at the hands of Adam Lind. Her situation changed for her when she met Cole DeBoer! (Photo credit: Instagram)

Some viewers have criticized Chelsea’s designs, accusing her of not using enough color and relying on the same aesthetic for every project.

Maybe she’ll branch out a bit in the future, or maybe she’ll ignore the haters and stick to her personal preferences.

Either way, the show represents a very bright future for its two young hosts.

Chelsea Houska and amazing husband
Chelsea Houska shared this photo in honor of her husband and their fourth wedding anniversary. (Photo credit: Instagram)

Chelsea was open about her desire to quit Teenage mother during his later years on the show.

The leap from reality TV stardom to a career in more mainstream media is tricky, and very few have made it.

Chelsea and Cole must have known they were taking a big risk, and it paid off better than either of them could have imagined!

What is Chelsea Houska net worth?

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer
Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer have teamed up for a show on HGTV. (Photo credit: Instagram)

Chelsea Houska’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $1.5 million.

However, the details of her deal with HGTV are unclear, and Chelsea may be worth much more.

Chelsea and Cole have reportedly signed new contracts for the second season of their show and may have been able to negotiate hefty raises.

Of course, the couple’s success has come with heartache.

Chelsea Houska Photo: Teen Mom 2
Chelsea Houska appears here in an episode of Teen Mom 2. (Photo credit: MTV)

Chelsea and Cole are currently being sued by former business partners who claim the DeBoers owe them millions in commissions on revenue earned from influencer campaigns.

The lawsuit could be expensive, but it also serves as a reminder that Chelsea and Cole are benefiting from many different sources of income.

The point is, Chelsea is rich, and now that she’s a well-respected star in the lucrative world of home renovation TV, it’s likely to stay that way.

1690217541 999 Chelsea Houska Answers to all your questions about the most
Chelsea Houska and Cole De Boer love to hit the town in style. (Photo credit: Instagram)

Where does Chelsea Houska live?

Chelsea Houska is a resident of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

She might be the richest resident in town, and she’s certainly the most famous.

Chelsea’s neighbors love her unique designs, and her home decorating business is thriving as a result!

Chelsea Houskas Latest Instagram Photo Sparks Weight Loss Concerns Girl
Chelsea Houska models a swimsuit in a July 2023 sponsored content post. (Photo credit: Instagram)

How did Chelsea Houska lose weight?

There has been a lot of scrutiny regarding Chelsea Houska’s weight in recent months, with many observers insisting that the HGTV star has undergone some form of surgery.

But Chelsea has been candid about her weight-loss methods on a number of occasions, and it seems they aren’t disappointingly outrageous:

She stays active, favors a low-carb diet, and only drinks alcohol on social occasions.

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer as a couple
Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer seem so happy together, don’t you think? We are sure to do. (Photo credit: Instagram)

Could it really be that easy?

Well, it’s probably not for most people, but Chelsea says it’s for her!

But Houska’s repeated insistence that he does not rely on any drugs or surgery to maintain his physique has not stopped accusations that he has gone under the knife for cosmetic reasons.

1690217541 648 Chelsea Houska Answers to all your questions about the most
Chelsea Houska appears to have lost some weight in recent months. (Photo credit: Instagram)

Did Chelsea Houska get a nose job?

Rumors that Chelsea Houska has undergone plastic surgery have been circulating for years, but there is no evidence that she has ever gone under the knife to change her appearance.

Chelsea has admitted to receiving lip and facial fillers, and the injections are reportedly administered by her father, who is a dentist and therefore licensed to perform such procedures.

Fillers are becoming more common these days, especially among people who appear on camera for a living.

Chelsea Houska Announcement
Chelsea Houska used this photo as part of her promotional campaign for her charity eyewear collection. (Photo credit: Instagram)

But there’s nothing scandalous about fillers, so when haters spot a slight change in Chelsea’s appearance, their first reaction is to accuse her of going under the knife.

It must be exhausting for Chelsea having to deal with constant rumors and bullshit from people who don’t seem to like her.

But she’s been living this way since she was a teenager, so she’s probably pretty used to it by now.

1690217542 61 Chelsea Houska Answers to all your questions about the most
Chelsea’s signature style has always been popular with fans. (Photo credit: Instagram)

And despite all the negativity she’s forced to deal with, at the end of the day, Chelsea is living an amazing life.

She has a loving family, her dream job, and the unconditional support of a very loyal fan base.

And thanks to her new job as a celebrity home decorator, Chelsea’s fan base is bigger than ever!


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