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“Daniele Gates Calls it Quits in Clash with Yohan Geronimo: Enough is Enough!”

During the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Yohan purposely humiliated Daniele while she was with her friend, Taylen. It was his twisted way of punishing her for not adhering to his wishes. In a sneak peek clip for the upcoming episode, the couple sits on a beach attempting to have a serious conversation. Yohan complains that Daniele doesn’t respect his wishes, specifically his desire for her to not meet up with Taylen. However, despite their mutual attraction and affection, the couple lacks respect for each other.

Daniele wants a relationship built on trust. She elaborates by explaining that Yohan needs to believe her when she speaks. Her argument is that if Yohan doesn’t believe her, then why are they married? However, Yohan disagrees and doesn’t want Daniele to do things he doesn’t like. But Daniele makes a strong point that Yohan’s dislikes and grievances are his own problem to deal with. She refuses to let them change her behavior. They both admit to being deeply stubborn individuals, and neither wants to change for the other.

Daniele wants Yohan to change, but only slightly. She wants him to be more accepting of her having friends. However, Yohan sees her willingness to do as she pleases as a lack of respect for him. Daniele emphasizes that she has a great deal of respect for Yohan, but there is a line between respect and obedience that she will not cross.

Ultimately, the couple’s lack of respect for each other leads to a blowup in their conversation. Daniele is done and refuses to engage with Yohan any further. Whether this marks the end of their marriage remains to be seen. Since arriving in the DR, Daniele has found herself in constant fights with her angry, jealous husband.

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