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Dolores Catania defends Teresa Giudice from the “Mom-Shamers” for Milania’s weight loss – UnlistedNews

During a recent episode of Teresa’s own podcast, Milania Giudice revealed that her mother’s cruel comments prompted her to lose weight in an extreme way.

This is not how Milania thought. In her mind, her mom had “helped” her.

Disordered eating and unhealthy eating habits are all too common in a world filled with body shame. And it’s often a parent-led problem.

Is so common, in fact, that Dolores Catania is speaking to defend Teresa against the “shame of mom”. She thinks that Tre did Milania a favor.

Dolores Catania defends Teresa Giudice from the Mom Shamers for Milanias
Dolores Catania speaks to the confessional chamber in this very shiny, off-the-shoulder blouse. (Bravo)

Milania Giudice, 17, was recently invited to her mother’s house. bitches namaste podcast.

As we reported at the time, she shared some extremely alarming information.

“In two months, I lost 50 pounds,” Milania revealed. Most medical experts would advise against losing even half both within that time frame.

1689102009 382 Teresa Giudice blamed for her daughter Milanias rapid weight loss
Miliana Giudice celebrated her sweet 16 without one of her cousins ​​present, and her mother is still furious about it. (Bravo)

In her mind, Milania wasn’t launching any accusations. But even Teresa realized that this was too much, screaming “what?!”

“My mom would say: I would never say anything,” Milania explained.

Recalling her mother’s critical comments, she noted: “But she was like, ‘Oh, are you going to have another ice cream?’”

Joe Giudice and 2 daughters
Joe Giudice is with his daughters Audriana and Milania and their mother, Filomena, in this family photo. (instagram)

After her rapid and drastic weight loss, Milania weighs just 110 pounds.

It appears that he lost barely a third of his body weight, through radical diet changes and exercising several times a day.

Milania did not express any of this as a complaint or an accusation. But countless people recoiled in horror.

Teresa Giudice blamed for her daughter Milanias rapid weight loss
Teresa Giudice began planning a dinner with her daughters, Milania and Audriana. (Image credit: Bravo) (Bravo)

There are families where abusive parents deliberately ridicule their children’s bodies, deny them food, and more. But hunger and torment is not always what the negative nurturing of the body seems to be.

They seem like little comments about what your child is eating. And they can also seem like comments about your own body. Children really pick up on their parents’ complexes.

What happens is that people’s children internalize these negative attitudes towards the body. Body shaming is a pervasive rot in our culture, but when parents reinforce it at home, it can do the most damage.

1688842811 33 Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga invited back to RHONJ 14
Speaking into the confessional chamber, Teresa Giudice expresses that she feels so ashamed that her family is causing trouble. (Bravo)

For Teresa’s co-star Dolores Catania, what Teresa did was not body shame.

In her mind, the real problem is the people who have been shaming Teresa’s mother for planting these ideas in Milania’s head.

“I do remember that Milania had gone through something and was gaining weight”, Dolores said the united states sun.

1689447637 582 Dolores Catania defends Teresa Giudice from the Mom Shamers for Milanias
No one likes to hear that they are a negative topic of discussion behind their back. Dolores Catania is no exception. (Bravo)

“You know what? Sometimes as a teenager you get into an unhealthy lifestyle,” Dolores continued for some reason.

He suggested that “you’re eating crap with your friends all the time.”

Unfortunately, Dolores added, “I think it’s good for a mother to monitor and be aware of her child’s weight and catch up before it gets out of control.”

1689447637 980 Dolores Catania defends Teresa Giudice from the Mom Shamers for Milanias
On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jennifer Aydin and Dolores Catania found out they were part of the same wedding party. (Bravo)

Dolores then stated that “obesity is very unhealthy.”

Just for the record, there is a huge amount of misinformation about human body weight and “obesity”. Clearly, Dolores believes many things that are not necessarily medically sound.

Furthermore, even if “obesity” were the general detriment to health that Dolores clearly believes… Milania was not abnormally heavy.


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