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“Elizabeth Olsen Reflects on ‘Love & Death’ and How Society Constructs its Version of Truth in the Aftermath of a Tragedy”

Elizabeth Olsen Talks About ‘Love & Death’ Aftermath of the Killing: “People Convince Themselves of a Truth”

Elizabeth Olsen, the star of the upcoming HBO Max series ‘Love & Death,’ has revealed some interesting insights about the show in a recent interview. Speaking with The Unlisted News, Olsen discussed the aftermath of the real-life killing that the series is based around, and how people often convince themselves of a certain truth.

The series centers around the tragic murder of Betty Gore in 1980 in Wylie, Texas, and the subsequent trial of her friend Candy Montgomery, who was accused of the crime. Olsen plays Montgomery in the show, which is based on the book “Evidence of Love: A True Story of Passion and Death in the Suburbs” by John Bloom and Jim Atkinson.

Olsen explained that as she was researching for the show, she became fascinated with hypnosis, and how people use it to convince themselves of certain memories or stories. She said, “It was an extremely interesting thing to dive into, how memory works and how people can convince themselves of a truth.”

She also discussed how the show explores the impact of the killing on the small town where it happened, and how the themes are still relevant today. “I think the themes of gossip, infidelity, and keeping up appearances are always something that people can relate to,” she said.

In terms of preparing for the role, Olsen said that she read the book multiple times and also watched documentaries and interviews with the real-life people involved in the case. She said, “I felt a lot of responsibility to do right by Candy Montgomery and to tell the story as truthfully as I could.”

The series also stars Jesse Plemons as Candy’s husband, and Patrick Fugit as the lead prosecutor in the case.

‘Love & Death’ is set to premiere on HBO Max in 2022. With its intriguing plot and talented cast, it is definitely a show to look out for.

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