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“Exciting WWE Supershow Results: Bianca Belair Holds Onto Raw Women’s Title, Cody Rhode Triumphs Over Finn Balor in Street Fight”

WWE Supershow Results: Bianca Belair retains Raw Women’s title; Cody Rhode defeats Finn Balor in street fight

In the recent WWE Supershow event, Bianca Belair managed to retain her Raw Women’s title, while Cody Rhodes emerged victorious in his street fight against Finn Balor.

In a highly anticipated matchup between Belair and her challenger, Liv Morgan, the reigning champion managed to come out on top and keep her championship belt intact. The two wrestlers put on an impressive display of athleticism, with Belair managing to execute a powerful KOD (Kiss of Death) finishing move to secure the victory.

Meanwhile, Cody Rhodes and Finn Balor’s street fight was equally intense. The two wrestlers took their match outside the ring and into the streets, using various objects such as trash cans and steel chairs as weapons. In the end, Rhodes emerged as the victor, but not before sustaining multiple injuries in the hard-fought battle.

In other matches at the event, Bobby Lashley successfully defended his WWE Championship title against Drew McIntyre, while Roman Reigns retained his Universal Championship title after defeating Rey Mysterio.

Overall, the WWE Supershow event delivered an exciting night of professional wrestling, with fans eagerly anticipating future matchups and events.

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