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‘Grease’, ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’, ‘Queen of the Universe’, ‘The Game’ Canceled and Removed from Paramount+ – UnlistedNews

Add Paramount+ to the list of streamers who have removed content from their platforms in exchange for a tax deduction.

The Paramount Global-backed streamer has canceled Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies after a single season, reversed its decision to pick up a second season for the kid-focused animated series star trek: prodigy, competition series eliminated queen of the universe after two seasons, and turned down a revival of The game after two seasons. Additionally, all four shows will be removed from Paramount+ as the conglomerate joins Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery in taking the tax deduction for underperforming series. The news comes as Paramount+ will add Showtime to the platform in the US on Tuesday.

“In Paramount+’s unified plan with Showtime, Showtime’s portfolio of cutting-edge and critically acclaimed programming will complement Paramount+’s broad and popular library in a seamless offering that appeals to everyone, enables greater discovery across brands, and builds an audience. general,” a Paramount+ spokesperson said. he said in a statement to the hollywood reporter. “As we prepare to combine Paramount+ and Showtime later this month in the US, we are refining our content offering to provide the best streaming experience for subscribers. This is consistent with our content strategy from launch and across our business, ensuring we make smart and efficient decisions, informed by data and audience insights. We are removing select programming as we look to enhance Showtime’s strong lineup of premium originals.”

Other content is expected to be removed from the platform in the coming weeks, but nothing more prominent than the four series revealed on Friday. All four series will begin removal from Paramount+ next week. The value of the tax deduction is expected to be disclosed during an upcoming earnings call.

“The Paramount+ series Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies, Star Trek: Prodigy, Queen of the Universe and The game they have completed their careers at Paramount+ and will not return to service,” a Paramount+ spokesperson said in a statement. “We want to extend our thanks to our tremendously talented cast and crew and producing partners for their passionate work and dedication to these shows, and we wish them all the best in their future endeavors.”

Star Trek: Prodigy it was renewed for a second season in November 2021 and was a key push from franchise captain Alex Kurtzman to introduce the property to a younger generation. The series will complete post-production on the second season, and producer CBS Studios will purchase both seasons from a new buyer. Paramount+ continues to be the home of the sprawling franchise with orders recently announced for a Star Trek: Section 31 skewed young adult film and show Star Trek: Starfleet Academy joining a list that also includes strange new worlds animated lower decks and the final season of the flagship, Discovery.

Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies he finished his run on June 1. The series was originally developed for HBO Max and was altered after Warner Bros.-backed streamer Discovery dropped it. Producer Paramount Television Studios will buy the poorly reviewed series elsewhere.

The game, meanwhile, it was a revival of the old CW/BET sitcom of the same name and focused on black culture through the prism of football. The project was one of a handful of titles that the former ViacomCBS identified as representative of its larger brand when it targeted it for a reboot. BET is part of Paramount Global’s larger portfolio, but it has its own streaming service, which may have been an obstacle for viewers finding the show on Paramount+. The original series’ nine-season library will remain on Paramount+. CBS Studios, which produced The gamewill buy the series license.

Finally, queen of the universe was an unscripted drag singing competition series that featured judges from the world of music, drag, and reality television. The last four episodes of the second season were released on June 22, and the show will be removed from the platform on June 30.

Paramount+ joins WBD and Disney in removing underperforming titles from their respective streaming services in exchange for financial considerations. Streamers continue to pay licensing fees to keep shows on their platforms. WBD, for example, removed lower-rated series including Western world and the nevers and instead licensed them to free, ad-supported streaming services in an attempt to recoup some of the losses on expensive scripted originals. Disney recently removed a couple dozen titles from Disney+ and Hulu, and it’s unclear if the Mouse House plans to follow suit and sell the underperforming titles to ad-supported free streamers or elsewhere. In a recent earnings report, Disney took a $1.5 billion tax deduction for content removal.


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