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Hannah Gosselin has her brother’s back.

Earlier this week, excerpts from an interview Collin Gosselin gave to VICE TV were posted on social media.

As part of this meeting, the teen took a bit of a swipe at his mother, detailing the ways Kate Gosselin allegedly took out her anger on him when he was a child.

Hannah Gosselin My evil mother took Collin away from his
Hannah Gosselin is 19 years old! How crazy is that?? She shared this photo in July of 2023. (instagram)

“I know my mother was going through a lot.

“I mean, a divorce and a lot of different things that can’t be easy to go through,” Gosselin told VICE TV for an upcoming special airing later this year.

“And, you know, I like to think that she needed someone to take her anger and frustration out on, and that was kind of me. I was on the road and I was there.

“So, she chose me.”

Collin Gosselin appreciates many positive influences obviously not mentioning Kate
Collin Gosselin made some shocking claims about his mother during a recent interview. (Entertainment tonight)

For her part, Hannah also spoke to VICE for this aforementioned documentary (Dark Side of the 2000s), mostly backing up her brother’s account when it comes to how he’s been treated in the past.

“He would be separated from us,” the 19-year-old sextuplet said of her brother in a preview of this documentary, adding:

“Like he couldn’t come play outside with us.

“He had dinner at different times than we did.”

Hannah Gosselin My evil mother took Collin away from his

So weird, right? So worrying, too.

When Collin was 13, Kate sent him to the Fairmont Behavioral Health Institute…for reasons she’s never fully explained.

About a year into this period, Collin sent his father a heartfelt letter asking Jon Gosselin to essentially rescue him from this facility.

Jon did, and both Collin and Hannah have been living with their father ever since.

1689086708 359 Hannah Gosselin My evil mother took Collin away from his

Collin acknowledges in this VICE documentary, set to premiere on July 18, that he wasn’t “a perfect kid” growing up.


“I would say that my bad behavior was not different from that of my brothers,” he emphasizes.

Meanwhile, Hannah also criticized her estranged mom for not teaching Collin boundaries.

1689086708 205 Hannah Gosselin My evil mother took Collin away from his
Jon Gosselin has been accused of sabotaging his daughter’s business. (instagram)

“I don’t think any effort was made at home to help him learn what behavior is acceptable and what behavior is not,” he told VICE.

Collin has had a non-existent relationship with his mother for years.

He told Entertainment Tonight in November 2022 that he was “doing great” without Kate in his life and hadn’t spoken to his siblings other than Hannah in “five or six years.”

It’s all very sad, really.

But we’re glad to hear that Collin and Hannah seem to be doing their best these days.


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