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Hansal Mehta’s EXCLUSIVE interview on Netflix’s Scoop based on the life of Jigna Vora – UnlistedNews

by director Hansal Mehta Ladle tells about a true life story about a chilling murder case of a veteran journalist, Sen Dada, based on the famous police reporter J Dey (Prosenjit Chatterjee), involving the media, the underworld and the Mumbai Police. In the mad rush of chasing down a potential page one, Jagriti Pathak (Karishma Tanna) ends up giving it all up including her social life, his family life, spending time with his ten-year-old daughter and delving into the dark underworld. from Mumbai. In the process of befriending danger, he ends up befriending the top brass of the Mumbai Police, lawyers and mafias.

Ladle is an intense real life drama. It makes you feel nostalgic and takes you back to your early days of journalism when all you wanted was a line on the front page. In a candid conversation on Netflix Ladle, director Hansal Mehta talks about why he felt Karishma Tanna was a perfect fit for the role of Jigna Vora. Vora was a police reporter for Asian Age, Mumbai. She was the prime suspect in the murder of Mid-Day reporter Jyotirmoy Dey. Her arrest and her connection to Chhota Rajan and her life is an inspiration for Hansal Mehta’s work. Ladle.

Edited excerpts from the interview:

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On chasing stories about stars…

My method is very simple, it’s something I’ve been following for a long time: choose the right person for the character. We try to be very honest with that basic stamp.

What inspired you to do this story? When did you get the book?

The book came to me before the first lockdown in 2020. The producers even asked me if I wanted to make a feature film or a series. I read the book and I told them two things, one, this is going to be a series, and two, I want to explore beyond the book.

The book was mainly about his (Jigna Vora) experience in prison, he wanted to go further. He wanted to explore how he got there and the world he came from. The judgment of the media is very reminiscent of the times we are living in. I felt that the story had a lot of resonance and relevance to our time.

Why Jigna Vora? Did she or any of her journalistic work inspire you?

I can’t say that one thing inspired me, it’s a lot of things. This was a story he wanted to tell and a world he wanted to explore. These were the characters I wanted to tell using my craft. These are the characters that we usually see in our lives and they are mostly invisible. This is the story of a family, courage and determination, it is about surviving against all odds.

On casting Karishma Tanna as Jigna Vora

She auditioned for the role and I felt like she was playing Jigna Vora, who became Jagruti Pathak, reinvented and reinterpreted. Jagruti’s character and Karishma’s ambitions to excel overlapped in a world where one has to fight to be noticed. That hunger, the group attracted me to her. She made me feel that Karishma and Jagruti have similar features.

Jigna Vora’s book was a catalyst. How did the investigation happen?

It wasn’t just a catalyst, a lot of research was based on what we read in the book. We had a writing team led by Mrunmayee Lagoo, Mirat Trivedi, Anu Singh Choudhary. We had Ankur Pathak give his input on running a newsroom. He did a lot of research in writing the script, from talking to police officers to prison officers, journalists, people from that time.

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