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‘Heads of State’ shooting of Priyanka Chopra and John Cena halted due to strike at Hollywood-Entertainment News, Unlisted News – UnlistedNews

Priyanka Chopra and John Cena’Heads of StateFilming was recently halted due to the strike in Hollywood. The strike was announced by the Screen Actors Guild after they failed to reach a new labor agreement with the Motion Picture and Television Producers Alliance. A fan page wrote on Instagram: “The Screen Actors Guild has gone on strike. Hollywood will come to a complete halt and during the SAG-AFTRA strike, actors will not be able to:

• Record any film and television production anywhere
• Participate in press tours or movie premieres.
• Promote anything at SDCC, and you will be advised not to attend at all”

He added: “Production on #HeadsOfState, starring @priyankachopra alongside Idris Elba and John Cena, is expected to be halted and/or postponed due to the strike. As a member of SAG-AFTRA, Priyanka will not be able to film any movies or TV projects anywhere in the world until a new agreement is reached between SAG-AFTRA and AMPTP and the actors’ strike ends. With some experts predicting that the actors’ strike will continue until early autumn (September).”

Why it happened?

transmission and its domino effects They are at the center of the dispute. The guild says that even as series budgets have increased, the writers’ share of that money has steadily shrunk.

The use of streaming services by smaller staff, known in the industry as “mini rooms,” for shorter periods has made it more difficult to earn sustained income, the union says. And the number of writers working at the craft lows has risen from a third to roughly half in the past decade.

“On television staff, more writers are working at the bare minimum regardless of experience, often for fewer weeks,” said the the union said in a March report.

The lack of a regular seasonal schedule in broadcasting has further reduced salaries, the report says. And the annual salary increases scheduled under the current contract have been well below the increases in inflation.


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