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Huma Qureshi: ‘I walked out of a song from a big movie because the lyrics were so embarrassing’-Entertainment News, Unlisted News – UnlistedNews

Huma Qureshi, last seen in Tarla, while speaking to senior journalist Barkha Dutt, revealed how she said yes and then walked out of a song from a big movie. The actress revealed, “Sometimes I get offered element songs, and there was a particular moment, a great producer, a great movie, and they offered me this song. I said, you know what, why not? Everybody does it, and I also went to rehearsal for a couple of days, and my costume was done. But then I was like, no, these lyrics are so embarrassing. How I can?”

About Monica O My Darling

I love the fact that I can own my sexuality and I can use it. Everything about making the movie called Monica O My Darling was exactly this. I remember correcting a reporter who said, ‘Oh, but Monica is a vamp.’ I said, ‘No, wait a second. All these actors sitting here, they all play a great character. You haven’t used a term for any other guy but her because he’s using her body.

Huma Qureshi on coping with body shame

People say that she is a beautiful actress with a beautiful face, but maybe she is 5 kg heavier for a conventional heroine.” The actress added, “They also said, ‘What is she wearing? Look at her knees and calves of hers, zooming in on certain body parts and surrounding them and many more.

Huma also said, “This is what you do to a young person who is trying to make it in their 20s.” In another interview with AajTak, she spoke about being an Indian Muslim, saying, “I never realized that I am a Muslim and I am different. My father has been running a restaurant, Saleem’s in Kailash Colony (Delhi) for 50 years. In my personal experience, I have never felt it. People could have felt it. Having said that, I think questions need to be asked and all governments need to respond.”


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