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Is Kate Middleton “ready to fight the fire” if Meghan Markle launches more accusations? Insider of the royal family reacts – UnlistedNews

Yesterday the news broke that Meghan Markle and prince harry The eponymous documentary series that broke the internet when it first came out on Netflix has been nominated at the prestigious Hollywood Critics Awards. Now, according to a member of the royal family, Kate Middleton it could be on its last straw.

Is Kate Middleton ready to ‘get her hands dirty’?

According to a report in Closer magazine, a source who spoke to them hinted that the Princess of Wales has had enough of the Duchess of Sussex making allegations against the British royal family. Kate is allegedly “fiercely protective” of her family according to the insider, and “isn’t afraid to fight fire with fire, having broken the royal golden rule of ‘Never complain, never explain.’

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The source told the publication that Markle needs to be more careful what she reveals next about the couple’s decision to move to California leaving the royal family and the UK behind.

The source also stated that “Kate will not hesitate to continue to defend herself and the royals.” The source continued: “She has shown an incredible amount of tolerance and bit her lip, but even she can only be pushed so far.”

They added that this reaction from Middleton should be seen as a “clear message for Meghan to step back and watch what she says about Kate to move forward.”

The source told the publication that “gloves are off” and that Middleton is “ready to fight fire with fire.” “The bottom line here is,” the royal family source said, adding: “Kate isn’t afraid to take her gloves off and play dirty if she has to. It’s all about self-preservation and not getting walked on.”

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On Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Since the massive success of the couple’s docu-series titled, Meghan and Harry are reportedly in talks with several possible project avenues. The 6-part series drew over 2 million viewers on its opening day, which is significantly higher than the numbers The Crown pulled in for its final season premiere.

Meanwhile, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry parted ways with the British royal family in 2020. Supposedly, this was because the amount of scrutiny towards Megan had reached a point where her mother claimed in the docu-series that the Duchess he was having “suicidal thoughts”. “The last time Markle and Middleton were seen together was during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.


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