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Is Taylor Swift in Deadpool 3, Starring Ryan Reynolds? Here’s why fans think so – UnlistedNews

ryan reynolds protagonist dead pool 3 is the most anticipated movie of the coming year. Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are currently shooting the movie in the UK. There are plenty of fan theories on the internet about the movie’s plot and characters, but now fans have come across a theory more compelling than any other. Fans are speculating that Taylor Swift will appear in the movie. And, apparently, they have proof!

Will Taylor Swift make a cameo in Deadpool 3?

You read well! One of the biggest fan theories circulating on Twitter is that iconic pop star Taylor Swift could possibly appear in Reynolds’ movie.

No one knows the exact origins of the rumors, but images of the singer from 2016’s Halloween soon began to resurface. Apparently, Reynold had lent Swift his Deadpool costume for Halloween in the past.

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The Anti-Hero singer who is currently on tour has exploded in the industry. With hit after hit, his appearance in the next Marvel movie would be the biggest crossover for fans since Endgame. An old interview with Entertainment Tonight of the Deadpool actor is surfacing the internet again, where he talks about how he would love Taylor Swift to appear in her movie.

Netizens React to Possibility of Swift Cameo

Many people on Twitter chimed in with anticipation and enthusiasm. Twitter fans are already having their fun at just the possibility of Swift’s cameo. Take a look at the tweets below:

The Deadpool universe is known for its fourth wall breaking and chiming in funny lines, it will be interesting to see if Taylor Swift makes a cameo and would later appear as herself or a different character. The possibilities for Swift’s character will be endless. With some hilarious banter with Wade Wilson, this could be an amazing opportunity for the two stars to collaborate.

While no one can say for sure if Swift will be in Deadpool 3, the theories circulating about the movie clearly show the buzz that the Ryan Reynold leading man has created among fans. With new footage rolling off the set every day, the third installment in the Deadpool franchise promises to be a fun ride.

Meanwhile, it was only recently that Ryan Reynolds flooded the internet with a photo of himself in his red suit, alongside Hugh Jackman, in his yellow suit. Before long, the photo left fans in a frenzy.

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