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Jackie Goldschneider will be the ‘last’ housewife not to take Ozempic, she jokes – UnlistedNews

If you have been following real housewives News this year, one word has been hauntingly making headlines.

Ozempic. And speculation about who does or does not have an “Ozempic body.”

The lifesaving diabetes drug has helped so many wealthy people lose weight that there are documented shortages in several countries. Between that and the potential side effects, it’s highly controversial.

RHONJ‘s Jackie Goldschneider just joked that she might eventually become the “last woman” not to use Ozempic for weight loss.

Jackie Goldschneider will be the last housewife not to take
Despite her demotion to “Friend Of” this season, Jackie Goldschneider stood up for her real friend. (Bravo)

This didn’t start with a lengthy manifesto from Jackie Goldschneider on her Instagram. In fact, it didn’t start on her page.

Instead, The Real Housewives of Orange County Star Emily Simpson posted a photo of herself in a fun and flirty catsuit. Apparently, the guys next to her made putting on the new outfit a challenge.

But what caught the attention of the fans was her figure. She looks wild wildly slender.

Jackie Goldschneider will be the last housewife not to take
During the last week of June, Emily Simpson shared a photo on Instagram that showed off her ultra-slim figure. (instagram)

Emily Simpson has been beautiful all along.

Do you like it, don’t like it or feel torn? Alright. Emily leaves different impressions on different people.

And frankly, he leaves a lot of different impressions, whether he’s on the show or on social media.

1687986617 154 Jackie Goldschneider will be the last housewife not to take
When Emily Simpson informs Shannon Beador that she was very rude earlier, the latter gasps in amazement. (Bravo)

Although Emily was beautiful then and she is beautiful now, she certainly looks different.

While there are a number of weight-loss techniques (genetics aside, the usual secret is “money”), most thought of Ozempic as the cause.

The controversy and scarcity of the drug has not reduced interest in it. So many people discussed the drug that page six reported on Emily’s photo, sharing it on her own Instagram page.

1687986617 359 Jackie Goldschneider will be the last housewife not to take
“I’ll be the last woman standing,” Jackie Goldschneider joked in an Instagram comment that caused quite a stir. She was referring to other stay-at-home moms who have misused a life-saving drug to lose weight the easy and risky way. (instagram)

This is where Jackie Goldschneider commented.

“I will be the last (female) man standing,” he wrote in a comment.

To be clear, she did not condemn or call out Emily Simpson, or anyone else. She even clarified that in a follow-up comment.

1687986617 397 Jackie Goldschneider will be the last housewife not to take
In this Instagram follow-up comment, Jackie Goldschneider clarified that she wasn’t talking about anyone but herself. (instagram)

Although Jackie wasn’t attacking anyone, it seems her meaning is clear.

Personally, I will never use Ozempic to suppress appetite and therefore lose weight. And not just because of the known side effects (or potential side effects).

And your statement seems to imply that you don’t hold out hope that this is true of most other housewives.

1687986617 142 Jackie Goldschneider will be the last housewife not to take
RHOBH season 13 cast members Sutton Stracke, Annemarie Wiley, Garcelle Beauvais, Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley and Crystal Kung Minkoff pose together in Barcelona. (instagram)

Kyle Richards has repeatedly denied having an “Ozempic body.”

He even had a minor conflict with Melissa Gorga over the latter’s alleged insinuation to the contrary.

Kyle looked particularly skinny in the photos. People may have jumped to conclusions trying to explain it.

1687986617 467 Jackie Goldschneider will be the last housewife not to take
Although Kyle Richards looks gorgeous and graceful in this mirror selfie, numerous fans have expressed alarm at how easily his ribs can be counted on. (instagram)

Then there’s Jennifer Fessler, a “friend of” from the final season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

As the season aired, his public appearances were in stark contrast to his on-screen appearance.

She strongly hinted that she had used Ozempic to lose weight.

1687986618 558 Jackie Goldschneider will be the last housewife not to take
On Watch What Happens Live, Jennifer Fessler weighed in on various topics, especially her friends. (Bravo)

So why isn’t Jackie Goldschneider using this “wonder weight loss drug”?

Well, it’s not a miracle. It’s also not really a weight loss drug. At least not intentionally.

It can cause multiple side effects while someone is taking it. The weight usually comes back when you stop taking it. oh and the lab mice in Ozempic tests developed some pretty nasty cancer.

Jackie Goldschneider cries after her kids notice her disordered eating: I'm afraid of killing myself!
In this RHONJ moment, Jackie Goldschneider got emotional when opening up about her history of disordered eating. It was commendable that she spoke out about this sensitive subject and about her recovery. (Bravo)

But also, Jackie knows firsthand the dangers of uncontrolled weight loss.

A person who seeks “control” in their life will lose weight, lose their health, and continue to receive praise from our fatophobic society.

Jackie has moved beyond that kind of thinking and is much healthier these days. She is making good decisions.


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