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Jana Duggar is the eldest child in her family, and in many ways, she is the living embodiment of father Jim Bob Duggar’s strange belief system.

But in other ways, Jana is unlike any other member of her infamous family.

Duggar women are taught from an early age that procreation is their main reason for being, and most marry young and begin bearing children soon after.

Jana took a decidedly different route, and at the age of 33, she still lives at home with her parents.

Jana Duggar spills the tea
At one point, Jana Duggar was very popular on Instagram. (Photo credit: Instagram)

Duggar women are generally prohibited from using social media until after they have started dating a male suitor, but an exception was made for Jana.

She gained a large following on Instagram, and for several years, she used the platform to post frequent updates about her day-to-day life.

These days, however, Jana has withdrawn to a more private existence, and with all the turmoil that has engulfed her family, fans are naturally curious as to how she’s coping.

Jan counting on
Jana Duggar on counting on. With all the nonsense in her family, that must be a facial expression she makes quite often. (Photo credit: TLC)

Unexpectedly, the candid young woman has become one of the most mysterious figures in the Duggar family, which is why we decided to bring you up to date on Jana’s life.

So without further ado…

Answers to common questions about Jana Bob Duggar:

1686494708 72 Jinger Duggar condemns IBLP it made Jana feel worthless
Jana Duggar recently traveled to Rome with her brother James. (Photo credit: Instagram)

Is Jana Duggar married?

Jana Duggar is single, a fact that makes her an outlier in the strange, insular world her family inhabits.

The Duggars are followers of the Quiverfull movement, which holds that it is the sacred duty of every Christian woman to give birth to as many children as possible.

So Jana’s decision not to have children could be a daring act of rebellion.

Some believe that he appeases his parents by helping them raise his younger siblings.

Jana Duggar goes blonde
Counting On alum Jana Duggar recently received frosted tips. (Photo credit: Instagram)

Is Jana Duggar in a relationship?

Right now, it appears that Jana Duggar is not in a romantic relationship of any kind.

The Duggars follow very strict courtship rules, and for a while it seemed like Jana had started the process with a family friend named Stephen Wissmann, but we now know that relationship never progressed beyond the platonic stage.

There have been rumors, however, about Jana’s other friendships

Laura DeMasie, Jana Pic
Laura DeMasie and Jana Duggar on Instagram. They have been the best of friends and the subject of endless gossip over the years. (Photo credit: Instagram)

Is Jana Duggar gay?

As far as is known, Jana Duggar is not gay.

But his sexuality has been the subject of frequent speculation in recent years.

Many fans believe that Jana is romantically involved with her friend Laura DeMasie, but there is no evidence that the relationship between the two women is more than platonic.

laura de masie
Laura DeMasie with Jana Duggar in one of the many photos of the best friends on Instagram. (Photo credit: Instagram)

Of course, if Jana and Laura were dating, they would probably feel compelled to hide the nature of their relationship.

The Duggars are extremely anti-gay, and Jana is likely aware that she would be disowned if she ever came out, or for that matter, if she had any kind of premarital sex.

It’s more than a little ridiculous that a grown woman isn’t allowed to make such decisions for herself, but such is life in Jim Bob’s world!

Jana Duggar in Magnolia in Waco
Jana Duggar recently took a trip to Waco, Texas with her friend Laura DeMasie. Unfortunately, Jim Bob felt the trip required a chaperone. (Photo credit: Instagram)

How old is Jana Duggar?

Jana Duggar was born in January 1990, which makes her 33 years old.

She and her twin brother John David were the second and third babies welcomed by Jim Bob and Michelle following the birth of the couple’s infamous eldest son, Josh Duggar.

Jana has 18 siblings in total, 14 of whom have already reached adulthood.

Jana Duggar on counting on (TLC)
The lovely Jana Duggar in Counting On in 2020. (Photo credit: TLC)

She’s not the only adult in the group who hasn’t married yet: Brothers Jackson, 19, James, 21, and Jason, 23, are still single, but she’s the the oldest only Duggar, as well as the only woman.

That’s a big deal, since women are given virtually no rights in the Duggar world, and Jim Bob openly believes that they were put on this planet for the sole purpose of making and raising babies.

(With regular breaks for religious duties, of course.)

Jana Duggar with Michelle Duggar in September 2020
Counting On star Jana Duggar posed with her mother, Michelle Duggar, in a photo shared to Instagram in 2020. (Photo credit: Instagram)

So by remaining single and childless, Jana is boldly rejecting the teachings of Jim Bob.

AND he’s doing it while living under your roof!

Speaking of Jana’s living situation…

Jana Duggar with flowers
Jana Duggar is surrounded here by flowers. What a gorgeous snapshot of the reality star. (Photo credit: Instagram)

Does Jana Duggar still live at home?

Jana Duggar still lives at home in the sprawling 10,000-square-foot home that fans have dubbed “the Duggar Compound.”

Despite the size, the house only has four bedrooms, and the last time she offered an upgrade from inside the house, Jana was still sharing a room with her younger siblings.

While such an arrangement would be unimaginable for most women in their thirties, Jana insists that she enjoys it.

Jana Duggar is single
Jana Duggar advertises herself in this hilarious meme. Does anyone want to date the star? (Photo credit: Instagram)

The Duggars have many strange rules in their house, and one of them is that older siblings are responsible for helping raise their younger brothers and sisters.

Jana has lived under this system her entire life, so we’re sure she’s used to it by now.

And like all Duggar women, she’s also been taught to smile all the time and never complain about anything.

So we’ll probably never find out how she In fact you feel about becoming your family’s in-house babysitter.

Jana Duggar in skirt
Jana Duggar from Counting On fame tends her garden. At least Jim Bob allows him that. (Photo credit: Getty Images)

Jana Duggar moved out?

Despite rumors that Jana has moved out of the “big house” to a smaller building on her parents’ property, it seems she still shares a room with her younger sisters.

Jana’s brother, Jason Duggar, has moved into a tree house on Jim Bob’s land, but the patriarch would never allow one of his daughters to enjoy such freedom, at least not before they were married.

Jana isn’t even allowed to take a vacation without a male escort, so it’s a safe bet that she isn’t allowed to take up permanent residence in a structure of her own.

Jana Duggar nice dress
Counting On star Jana Duggar posted this photo of herself in a light blue dress on Instagram. and he is lovely (Photo credit: Instagram)

The infamous Duggar courtship rules dictate much more than how couples are allowed to behave before their wedding night.

Its main function is to restrict the freedom of women like Jana.

Until and unless Duggar marries (to a man, of course), she will never be allowed to make any decisions for herself or enjoy a modicum of independence.

It’s very sad, but it’s also the reality of being Jim Bob’s daughter.

Jana Duggar sips coffee
Counting On star Jana Duggar enjoys sipping her drink at a small cafe in this post from her Instagram account. (Photo credit: Instagram)

What does Jana Duggar do for a living?

Generally speaking, Duggar women are not allowed to work outside the home, but once again, it seems an exception was made in Jana’s case.

When she was active on Instagram, Jana listed her career as “home remodeler.”

That’s a bit of a vague job title, but it sounds like Jana was pretty good at what she did.

1686944721 730 Jana Duggar Answers to all your questions about Duggars eldest
Jana is one of the few Duggar women to have had a job outside of the home. (Photo credit: Instagram)

Discussions of the Duggars’ net worth usually focus on the men in the family, since women are rarely allowed to hold jobs.

But at one point, Jana’s worth was estimated at approximately $400,000.

Giving up her own money is just one of the many ways Jana has been an inspiration to her sisters, as well as other women who have been oppressed by their fundamentalist families.

Jana Duggar on Counting on: A Photo
Jana Duggar looks into the camera here and talks about her love life in an episode of Counting On. (Photo credit: TLC)

How has Jana dealt with her family’s scandals?

The name Duggar has become synonymous with scandal in recent years, and Jana has done her best to stay out of the quagmire of controversy.

When Josh Duggar was arrested on child pornography charges, Jana chose not to comment.

She remained silent after her conviction and did not participate in the recent Amazon Prime documentary about corruption and abuse within her family’s religious community.

Fans may wish Jana would talk, but it seems like she’s decided to protect her own peace and privacy, and with everything she’s been through, she certainly has the right to do just that!


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