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Janelle Brown Shares Rare Photo Of Two Kids, Doesn’t Mention Her Estranged Dad – UnlistedNews

Janelle Brown has given fans a glimpse into her family life.

Without the inclusion of your ex-spiritual spouse, that is.

On Monday, the veteran Sister Wives star shared a simple photo of herself and her sons Gabe and Garrison inside a movie theater, writing as a very basic caption:

“Watching the new Indiana Jones movie!”

Janelle Brown Shares Rare Photo Of Two Kids Doesnt Mention.webp
Janelle Brown was cast in a movie with Gabe and Garrison in July 2023. (instagram)

Nothing too innovative here, or even noteworthy to the untrained eye.

However, Janelle rarely posts about her children.

Gabe and Garrison also made a lot of headlines in the end, with the former detailing on an episode of Sister Wives exactly when and why he stopped talking to his father, Kody Brown.

The young man burst into tears on air because he said that Kody called him to talk to him about COVID-19, but she did it on Gabe’s birthday. And he never acknowledged the occasion.

“A couple of hours after that, he tried to call me back, say happy birthday and make it up to me, and that was the last time I spoke to my dad,” Gabriel told viewers at the time.

Janelle Brown Shares Rare Photo Of Two Kids Doesnt Mention

Just a couple of months before this scene aired, Kody basically admitted to being a terrible father.

“It’s not normal for me to take care of my children,” Kody said in 2022. “I’ve been working all my life. I grew up on a ranch, we were always busy.”

Continuing the excavation of his own paternal grave, Kody continued as follows:

“I am good at taking care of my children, but I hardly ever do it. It’s easier for me to pay someone $20 an hour than to lose $200 an hour on the business at hand.”

Kody Brown and Janelle Brown FINALLY pay off Coyote Pass.webp

Janelle, for her part, has spoken openly in the past about the frustrations she felt during the height of the pandemic with the rules and regulations set forth by her then-husband.

Kody forced her children to choose between their friends and their family, essentially prohibiting them from spending time with anyone outside of the home.

You can imagine the stress this causes young men like Gabe and Garrison.

“I’m looking at these rules and I’m in awe,” Janelle said at the start of Season 17 of Kody’s pandemic rules roundup, adding in a mocking tone:

“Okay, there are Kody’s 10 Billion Commandments.”

1685280908 507 Kody and Janelle Brown Reunite at Daughters High School Graduation
Using a Reel post, Janelle Brown updated her fans and followers on the process of hooking up her five-wheeler. (instagram)

Later that same season, Janelle told Kody to fuck off. And she loved us!

And a few months later?

She actually told him the same thing, confirming in late 2022 that she had moved on from her plural marriage.

“You have to be brave and do this,” Brown said in May of starting her life over, mostly alone.

In his favor? Janelle Brown has done exactly this.


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