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Jill Duggar Offers Olive Branch To Brother James Amid Feud Rumors, Flips The Bird On Parents With Daring Dress Code Violation – UnlistedNews

Long before the rest of the world realized how evil her parents are, Jill Duggar cut ties with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and publicly distanced herself from several members of her family.

Jill bravely appeared on camera in the recent Amazon Prime documentary series happy and bright peoplemaking her the only one of Jim Bob and Michelle’s children to do so.

On top of all that, Jill recently announced that she will be publishing a memoir that will address some of the more scandalous aspects of life within her controversial family.

Needless to say, you won’t be getting invites to any Duggar meetings any time soon.

1685567410 935 Jill Duggar to Expose Manipulation and Intimidation of Evil Parents.webp
Jill Duggar looks grim in this photo as she prepares to rip her parents apart. (Photo credit: Amazon)

In fact, Jill is rumored to be in a nasty fight with James Duggar over comments he made about Jim Bob.

But while James might be angry about his sister’s refusal to abide by their family’s code of silence, it seems Jill is hoping to crush his meat.

“Happy birthday to my forever friend [and] super uncle to our kids,” he wrote on his Instagram story over the weekend.

Jill Duggar Offers Olive Branch To Brother James Amid Feud
Jill Duggar recently wished her brother James a happy birthday. (Photo credit: Instagram)

The “friend forever” comment appears to be a reference to the infamous “buddy system” Jill’s parents used to help them keep track of 19 children.

“We came up with the idea years ago when we had several little ones. I don’t remember exactly how old the oldest was, maybe eight years old,” Michelle once explained on one of the family’s reality shows.

“We were trying to pick up all the shoes as we walked out the door, putting them on the little feet and tying them up, and fastening all the seats in the car,” he continued.

Although she comes from a family of villains, Jill Duggar has become a true hero in recent years. After …

“And we found that it works much better if we try to rush so that one of the older ones helps the little ones to fasten their seat belts.”

The Duggars have been criticized for the system, as many see it as a form of child labor.

So even as she offers an olive branch with one hand, Jill throws a bit of shade with the other.

Speaking of challenging her ultra-strict parents, Jill recently posted sponsored content related to a product called Lumisilkco Crystal Hair Eraser.

1689004208 415 Jill Duggar Offers Olive Branch To Brother James Amid Feud
Jill Duggar posts sponsored content on Instagram. (Photo credit: Instagram)

“Hey everyone, I know it’s summer and that means we all have to deal with shaving a lot more,” Jill began, before revealing that the eraser can be used as an alternative to shaving.

Jill’s parents are big believers in leveraging fame to build wealth, so they wouldn’t be shy about her posting sponsored content.

However, Jim Bob’s weird belief system dictates that women should dress modestly at all times, so you can be sure he’s not a fan of Jill showing off her bare legs while demonstrating how to use the eraser.

1689004208 767 Jill Duggar Offers Olive Branch To Brother James Amid Feud
Jill Duggar demonstrates the use of a “hair eraser” product. (Photo credit: Instagram)

Of course, the product that is likely to infuriate Jim Bob and Michelle is Jill’s upcoming memoir, which she vows to expose her family like never before.

“For as long as they could, Jill and Derick tried to be dutiful members of the family, unwilling to change course,” read a statement from the publisher.

“But now they are raising a family of their own and they no longer have secrets.”

Jill Duggar to Expose Manipulation and Intimidation of Evil Parents
Look out Michelle and Jim Bob! Jill Duggar is publishing a book that will likely expose just how evil you really are. (Photo credit: Amazon)

“Thanks to time, tears, therapy and God’s blessings, they have the strength to share their journey.”

In other words, Jill is about to spill some serious tea.

Hey, she’s already at odds with most of her family, so she might as well make some money off all that tension!


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