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Jill Duggar Shares Rare Photo Of Baby Frederick, Continues To Live The Best Life After Publicly Roasting The Family – UnlistedNews

Jill Duggar has a lot to be happy about.

She has a supportive husband, three loving children, a nice house in the suburbs, and a bright professional future ahead of her.

(Jill’s debut memoir is due out later this year, and it’s already racking up impressive pre-sales numbers!)

And the situation is made even sweeter by Jill’s recent triumph over her horrible parents.

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Jill Duggar is telling her story like never before. (Photo credit: Amazon studios)

As you’ve probably heard by now, Jill was the only one of Jim Bob and Michelle’s 19 children who was bold enough to appear on camera in the recent Amazon Prime documentary series. happy and bright people.

In the weeks since the project premiered, Jill has kept a lower profile than usual, but as she explained in her latest Instagram post, she had good reason to.

“I have been so busy with the book, some trips and other life events that I have not been able to go out in the garden as much as I would have liked!” Jill captioned a carousel of gardening photos.

Jill Duggar Shares Rare Photo Of Baby Frederick Continues To
Jill shared this photo of baby Frederick in the summer of 2023. (Photo credit: Instagram)

“…However, this morning…I strapped the baby to my back, set a timer (because it’s helpful for me to have a goal and not just stay outside forever when I want, but have other things to do) and with a podcast going from my phone in my pocket, I was able to pick some okra and tomatoes before the storm hit…” she continued.

In one of the photos, fans could see little Frederick strapped to Jill’s back, but his face was not visible.

This was no accident, as Jill and Derick clearly made a conscious decision not to post photos of their children’s faces on social media.

1689762307 20 Jill Duggar Shares Rare Photo Of Baby Frederick Continues To
Jill Duggar shared a rare photo of her youngest son in July 2023. (Photo credit: Instagram)

Probably a smart move, since the world is getting more and more full of weirdos, and Jill and Derick probably made a lot of enemies with their appearance in happy and bright people.

(Including REM fans, who might have been excited for a documentary about the band!)

Even as she praised the school where her two oldest children take swimming lessons, Jill opted to post a Chick-Fil-A stroller and bag instead of photos of her children.

1689762308 963 Jill Duggar Shares Rare Photo Of Baby Frederick Continues To
Jill still agrees with her family that Chick-Fil-A is delicious. (Photo credit: Instagram)

“We love seeing how their confidence in the water has improved so much this past year in the lessons + it’s so reassuring to know they’ve learned such valuable water safety skills!” Jill captioned the post.

“Swimming is such a great skill to instill in kids at a young age,” one fan commented on Jill’s photo.

“Swimming lessons are so important! I’m glad they’re doing well. I bet they’re going to show off their cool new skills in the pool all summer!” added another.

“The best thing parents can do is teach their children to swim. It is a sport of life”, added a third.

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Jill Duggar looks quite content with life as she holds this cute bunny. (Photo credit: Instagram)

“Congratulations! Water safety is important for teaching kids. Good job,” chimed in a fourth.

Yeah, no one mentioned Jill’s decision not to show her kids.

It was all just support and encouragement, you know, social media should have been!

Let’s see more of this, people!


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