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Johnny Depp misses Cannes photo call, gets stuck in traffic and arrives late for press conference

Actor Johnny Depp was 40 minutes late to a press conference for his latest film Jean du Barry and missed a photo call. The actor was reportedly caught in a traffic jam, delaying the conference by 27 minutes to begin without him. Jean du Barry opened the 76th edition of the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday. Directed by Maïwenn, the actor plays King Louis XV and the filmmaker plays the title role.

According to a report in Variety, Johnny got stuck in traffic with Croisette and missed a photo call with the rest of the Jean du Barry team. Press photographers were told that the actor would return to the shoot in the afternoon. A press conference scheduled for noon was delayed by 27 minutes as they waited for Johnny to arrive, before finally starting. The actor arrived 40 minutes late.

Johnny also delivered a seven-minute standing ovation speech from the night before, where he was visible from the audience’s reaction. Speaking to reporters at the event, he said, “For a few seconds, we were stuck in a loop, and it scared me. We were standing and the audience was clapping and reacting… the energy of their reaction continued. We are all moms and dads in the film, Maven, of course, this is her baby. , but I was very proud to see the result of good work. I didn’t see the thing, but I knew it was good because they said so. I believe them.”

The French film received mixed reviews. The Guardian called it “an entertaining spectacle” and “shadows Depp’s king [Maïwenn’s] story”. The Unlisted News shared that “despite the brash life it’s based on and Depp’s brash performance in semi-block-listed, it’s a film that plays it too safe”. The BBC called it “a respectably watchable, mild-mannered soap. Opera”.

The actor last appeared in the 2020 film Minamata, in which he played Eugene Smith, an American photographer who investigates the effects of mercury poisoning on the citizens of a Japanese city.

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