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June Shannon has provided an update on her daughter, Anna.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight on July 12, the reality star was asked about the status of her 28-year-old son, who often goes by the nickname Chickadee.

For those who do not know, Anna was diagnosed in March with stage IV cancer.

Specifically, he has adrenal carcinoma, which is “a rare disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the outer layer of the adrenal gland,” according to the National Cancer Institute.

June Shannon My daughter will die within 5 years of

Mama June has previously admitted that Anna will pass away from this terrible disease, a tragic development she emphasized once again this week when speaking to ET.

“She’s not going to go into remission,” Shannon told the outlet.

“We’ve all accepted that, so I just tell people one day at a time because you never know.”

Anna has been handling the diagnosis “pretty well,” Shannon continued, noting that her oldest daughter “can still go to the grocery store, she can still drive herself, she can still drive the kids from place to place.”

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Unsurprisingly, Shannon has been riding an “emotional roller coaster,” she told ET, in the wake of this diagnosis.

Shannon, who is also a mother to daughters Jessica, 26, Lauryn, 23, and Alana, 17, has been separated from loved ones for years.

But she says she’s sober now and is doing everything she can to make up for lost time.

“Just pray for all of us, especially your girls. We appreciate you so much,” June wrote on Facebook this spring.

June Shannon My daughter will die within 5 years of
The ladies of the Shannon family during one of their happiest gatherings. (instagram)

News broke on March 30 that Cardwell was diagnosed with stage IV adrenal carcinoma in January after experiencing severe stomach pains.

“This is what I mean when I say you never really know what someone at home is going through. It doesn’t matter how famous they are,” Alana wrote via her Instagram story at the time.

“I’m very famous, but normal things happen to me and my family, and you guys need to realize that as soon as possible.”

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So far, Anna has undergone four rounds of chemotherapy.

You are not sure if you want to continue with the treatment.

“It’s crazy to think that he probably won’t be here in five years, but hopefully he can get out there and fight for 10 or 20 years,” Shannon told ET.

Throughout her cancer journey, Anna has shared occasional updates with her fans via social media. For example?

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Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell shared this selfie on Instagram in late March 2023, promising a photo dump to come. Her cancer diagnosis had just been made public. (Photo credit; Instagram) (instagram)

On May 10, she wrote:

“Well, we are going to round 3 of chemotherapy.

“This [was] it was yesterday [a] very nice day but got a little bit and Cracker Barrel was good going down but not going up but mostly [sic] going well and the chemo is working, we come to find that things are looking good.

Two weeks later, he celebrated his daughter Kaitlyn’s elementary school graduation via Facebook.

“I am a proud mom right now,” she wrote.

“And I also can’t believe I’m going to have a high schooler and a second grader give me a minute while I go cry. I am so proud of my daughters and all they have accomplished.”


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