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Kim Cattrall was not interested in returning to the sex and the city franchise, unless you’re allowed to do it in style.

During an appearance on the view, where he was apparently promoting his new Netflix series Attractive, Cattrall opened up about the call he got from HBO about appearing on and only like that and the things he needed, including the involvement of famed costume designer Patricia Field, to get to “yes.”

As the hollywood reporter It was previously reported that Cattrall’s cameo as Samantha Jones in the season two finale came after she was approached by HBO Chairman and CEO Casey Bloys, who also approached showrunner Michael Patrick King about the possibility. for the character to return. King then wrote the cameo of her, which was shot with a limited crew and without any interaction with her co-stars, in the finale.

“It’s very interesting to get a call from the head of HBO saying, what can we do? and I went Hmm. let me be creative”Cattrall shared in the view. “And one of those things was getting Pat Field back, because I thought if he was going to come back, he had to come back with that Samantha style, I had to push him. And we did.

Field, the iconic sex and the city costume designer, she agreed to make her return to the franchise to dress Cattrall for the scene. She is also a costume designer at Attractive. (Field was already working on Emily in Parisof SATC creator Darren Star, when and only like that Occurred.)

Cattrall expressed his desire not to return to the franchise when the Max sequel was first announced. The first-season death of Big’s character, played by Chris Noth, was a legacy plot from the sex and the city 3 movie that never materialized; It was reportedly the narrative of Big’s death and her focus on Carrie’s recovery that made Cattrall, a vocalist since then, uninterested in reprising the role of her, thus scrapping the third installment.

when talking to THR On the decision to feature Samantha’s cameo, King said: “I know that Kim [Cattrall] he said he had hung up Samantha’s wardrobe, and then some behind-the-scenes magic happened because all of a sudden there was a chance it could happen. Something about the 25th anniversary, fans have always asked about Samantha and something happened where all of a sudden I was like, ‘Well, maybe if it’s a possibility, I can think of a little, beautiful, little gift. And that was what happened”.

His original co-stars and executive producers of the revival series echoed that the moment was meant to be a surprise for fans as a 25th anniversary gift, saying they were disappointed it was leaked early.

“When we started talking about this idea, it’s such an opportune moment in history and it was really a nod to 25 years,” said Sarah Jessica Parker. THR. “It’s a really sentimental, funny, sweet moment that’s perfectly timed for a specific event that’s happening in Carrie’s life. It’s so familiar. So it’s really nice, I think.”

Kristin Davis said it felt right for the former friends to reconnect: “It just seemed right for the story and for the fans. Friends can move on and not be in your life all the time, and that doesn’t mean they aren’t friends. Sometimes you don’t talk to people for a while, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reconnect. So, that rings true and I felt good about it; I felt it was the right choice.”

And Cynthia Nixon described the moment as unique, rather than a setting for more Samantha in a possible third season. “It was really intended as a fun surprise. It’s a real bummer that it leaked because I think a lot of the beauty of it was that people wouldn’t know it was coming and then (applaud) Samantha would just show up. I think she’s something unique, sort of a nod to the 25th anniversary, personally,” she said.

Explaining his decision to distance himself from the franchise, Cattrall added the view“Especially at this point in my life, where I want to spend time and who is really important to me, and what do I want to say with the characters that I play,” he said. “So I’ve learned through the years to step back and see myself doing something and really register how it feels. It feels good? Or, no, it should be here on this walk. That feels more like me, more now.”

She continued: “I like to think that at this point I can collaborate. So there has to be a reason why I say no.”


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