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“Kim Zolciak’s Concerns for Her Children’s Safety: Urges for Her Ex Kroy Biermann to Undergo Drug Test”

Kim Zolciak Demands Kroy Biermann Get Drug Tested: My Ex Endangers Our Children!

Kim Zolciak, the former star of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” has demanded that her ex-partner, Kroy Biermann, undergo a drug test. The reality TV star claims that her ex-husband’s drug addiction has endangered the lives of their children.

Zolciak took to Instagram to announce her concerns about Biermann, writing, “I just don’t understand how my ex-husband can continue to endanger our children’s lives while he is under the influence of drugs.”

The message was accompanied by a screenshot of a text message exchange between Biermann and Zolciak’s daughter, Brielle. In the exchange, Biermann appears to be under the influence of drugs, slurring his words and making no sense.

Zolciak, who is now married to Kroy’s former teammate, Kroy Jr., expressed her outrage at the situation. She also expressed her fears that Biermann’s drug addiction might lead to a fatal drug overdose that could ultimately harm their children.

The former reality TV star urged Biermann to get help for his addiction, stating, “If you love your children, then you need to stop using drugs and get the help you need to get clean and sober.

Zolciak also warned her followers about the dangers of drug addiction. She stated that addiction is a serious illness that can damage lives and families. She urged anyone struggling with addiction to seek help immediately, before it’s too late.

In the past, Zolciak and Biermann have had a tumultuous relationship. The couple met on the set of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” in 2008 and were married in November 2011. They have six children together, four of whom they share custody.

Despite their split in 2017, Zolciak and Biermann have remained in the public eye due to their appearances on reality TV shows. However, it appears that Zolciak’s concern for their children’s safety has forced her to take drastic measures to protect their well-being.

At present, it is unknown whether Biermann has agreed to take a drug test or whether he plans to seek help for his addiction. However, Zolciak’s message has raised awareness about the dangers of drug addiction and the importance of seeking help before it’s too late.

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