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“Kylie Jenner Opens Up on Painful Met Gala Dress Experience: Behind-the-Scenes Video”

Beauty comes with a price, as Kylie Jenner proved at the Met Gala. In a behind-the-scenes video posted on her YouTube channel, the cosmetics mogul tried on a vivid crimson gown during a fitting with designer Haider Ackermann and his team from Jean Paul Gaultier. Haider explained that Kylie wouldn’t exactly be able to relax in it. “I would not like you to sit down,” he said to Kylie as she stood still for the fitting. “Yeah, I know,” she replied. Haider added, “and I would not like you to move this arm,” while demonstrating a movement of his right arm.

The stunning asymmetrical gown had one long sleeve, a dramatic train, and a cape lined with light blue fabric. Despite the limited mobility, Kylie’s daughter, Stormi, 5, came to visit her mom and cutely gave her a careful hug. The gown was definitely a showstopper and was created by one of rumored beau Timothee Chalamet’s closest friends.

“Haider is one of my closest friends and a creative from a lost era – his is the rare passion that cares about the purity of design, shapes, colours, textures, and the feelings they evoke,” Timothee told System Magazine in the fall of 2022. “He couldn’t possibly pretend to care about a fashion cycle or algorithm-influenced trends – his talent and creativity are set to last because he is following his own drum beat, no one else’s.”

Haider also helped Kylie try on another stunning black and white column gown with a plunging back, but she was continuously drawn to the red. “It depends what you would like to provoke,” Haider said in the video as Kylie questioned which dress to go with. “It’s all up to you.” “It’s just so hard to let go of the red one,” Kylie said. “Because it’s so good, and it’s such a moment.” In the end, she opted for the second dress for the afterparty.

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