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Lana Del Ray goes shopping; she reveals why she is in Alabama during interaction with a fan – UnlistedNews

Lana Del Rey is known for her seductive, melancholic voice on songs like West Coast and Young and Beautiful. As glamorous as the singer appears on records, marketing shots, and on stage, this week she caused a stir by posing as everyday people in Alabama, of all places. Apparently, she first visited a Starbucks and a nail salon in Birmingham. On Tuesday night, Lana was seen leaving a pizzeria in downtown Florence and walking around. The singer made headlines when she turned up at a Waffle House in Alabama on Thursday wearing one of the restaurant’s waitress outfits and working the noon shift. The singer recently revealed what she’s up to in Alabama.

Lana Del Rey interacts with a fan in Alabama

Lana Del Rey left a trail of star-wrapped fans, autograph requests, photos, smartphone videos and social media posts during her visit to Alabama.

Until she saw Lana Del Rey’s name on the credit card transaction, Taylor Hallman had no idea who the customer at the register was. Before that, Hallman, who works at Maggie J’s Boutique and Gifts in Russellville, had just talked to this nice client, who also happened to be one of the most recognizable music artists of this century.


The singer was shopping at Maggie J’s on Saturday when Hallman ran into her and asked about her visit to Alabama this week. Taylor Hallman recalled: “She said she was visiting family in the Florence area. And while I mean her sister’s husband’s side of the family, she could be wrong.”

Lana Del Rey took her time browsing the shelves at Maggie’s. Hallman claims that she walked around the store for about 40 minutes without anyone else seeing her, even though Maggie’s was full at the time. The singer wore a coral skirt and a denim top for a casual look. Lana also talked about growing up in cold upstate New York and how the warm southern climate was a welcome change for her when Hallman spoke to her at the counter.

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Fan recalls her interaction with Lana Del Rey

Taylor Hallman, a 20-year-old elementary school student at Athens State University, asked Lana Del Rey if she could take a photo with her phone after reading her name and signature on the ticket. Hallman revealed, in her response, Lana said, “Yeah, let me go that way, it’ll be simpler.”

The fan further shared, “She just came out from behind the counter, hugged me, and I took a picture with my phone.” To which Lana Del Rey reacted, “That’s so cute!” after seeing the picture on Hallman’s phone. Taylor Hallman further revealed: “She treated me so well. She was just wonderful and graceful. I can’t stop thinking about it.”

Taylor Hallman has been a fan of Del Rey for years. Some of his favorite songs are Summertime Sadness, Young and Beautiful, and Taylor Swift’s most recent collaboration, Snow on the Beach. Hallman claims that ever since he met Lana Del Rey he has been listening to the singer’s songs non-stop and has wanted to see her perform live, something he hasn’t done yet.

Meanwhile, speaking of Lana, her popular albums, like Born to Die (2012), Ultraviolence (2014), and most recently, Did You Know There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd.? they are drawn to a femme fatale allure. The singer from New York via Los Angeles is also in high demand as a headliner at the prestigious Coachella music festival.

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