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Lights, Camera, Artificial Intelligence! Tom Hanks unveils plan to act ‘forever’

Actor Tom Hanks has rocked Hollywood with a revelation that is as exciting as it is a plot twist. Hanks, known for his stellar performances, has delved into the fascinating world where artificial intelligence (AI) and cinema collide. He hinted that even after his death, his digital persona could appear on the big screen.

In a recent podcast chat with Adam Buxton, Hanks spilled the beans and said: “I can tell you that there are discussions in every trade and every agency and every law firm to find the legal ramifications of my face and my voice and all the The rest are our intellectual property.

But there’s more to AI in movies than simply bringing back beloved actors from the past. At every stage, from writing the script to finishing touches, AI wizards are making their mark. They dive into huge movie databases, finding out what audiences like and predicting market trends. This helps filmmakers create blockbusters.

And the post production? Prepare to be amazed! Intelligent AI algorithms take over and handle tasks like video editing, color correction, special effects, and sound mixing. Filmmakers can unleash their creativity without getting bogged down in technical details.

But wait! As AI gains influence, important questions are being raised. What happens when actors become digital avatars? Who controls these virtual puppets? It’s a tricky balancing act, mixing cutting-edge technology with the protection of individual rights. Hollywood is cautiously exploring this new territory, setting guidelines to preserve the legacies of actors while taking advantage of the possibilities of AI.

In this ever-changing world, where reality and virtuality dance together, Tom Hanks’ thoughts are a captivating reminder. As the AI ​​era unfolds, Hollywood is asking: will AI steal the show or only appear fleetingly? Only time will reveal the answer

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