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Mackenzie Standifer Responds To Rumors She’s Dating Someone New With Ryan Edwards Behind Bars – UnlistedNews

It’s been a rough year for troubled Teen Mom star Ryan Edwards.

Edwards is currently behind bars awaiting trial on a number of charges.

He has already been sentenced to a year in jail for stalking and harassing his ex-wife, Mackenzie Standifer.

And given that we were on probation during his last spree and the arrest that got him, it’s likely that Ryan’s going to be locked up for a long, long time.

Mackenzie Standifer Responds To Rumors Shes Dating Someone New With
Ryan and Mackenzie in happier times. (Photo credit: Instagram)

Obviously, that’s bad news for Ryan, but it’s probably good news for Mackenzie, who has spent years terrified of her future ex-husband.

She’s kept a low profile for most of this year, but Mackenzie returned to TikTok last week to reassure her fans (and haters) that she’s thriving in her new life as a single mom.

Mack was instantly reminded of why he went on hiatus in the first place, as fans quickly resumed speculation about his personal life.

Mackenzie Standifer Responds To Rumors Shes Dating Someone New With
Ryan has publicly and repeatedly accused his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, of being unfaithful. (Photo credit: Instagram)

Specifically, they began to allege that Mackenzie had become romantically involved with an old friend named Josh Panter.

Now, in a new interview with In Touch, Mackenzie has denied the rumors, insisting that she is single and focusing on her duties as a working mom.



“I don’t have a boyfriend. I’m focused on my career and my children,” Mackenzie tells the outlet.

Mackenzie Standifer has black hair
Mackenzie Standifer sports a different look these days. And while most of her fans seem to love her look, a handful of haters are giving her a hard time. (Photo credit: Instagram)

“I am working on myself to give them the life and future they deserve.”

Panter echoed the statement, telling British tabloid The Sun that he and Mackenzie are just friends.

“I’ve known Mackenzie for 10 years or so, then earlier this year we reconnected,” Josh tells the outlet.

1689365108 576 Mackenzie Standifer Responds To Rumors Shes Dating Someone New With
Mackenzie has a message for all the haters. (Photo credit: Instagram)

“Mackenzie and I are friends and we enjoy each other’s company. None of us are concerned with ‘titles’. We both just got out of a marriage.”

The rumor appears to have originated with a Facebook post by Josh’s mother, in which she shared a photo of Mackenzie’s children and discussed them in the caption.

“My blonde bandits…love you little ones,” wrote Cindy Green Panter.

1689365109 894 Mackenzie Standifer Responds To Rumors Shes Dating Someone New With
Mackenzie Standifer posted this selfie to Instagram in 2023. (Photo credit: Instagram)

Many took the fact that their families were vacationing together as confirmation of the Mackenzie-Josh romance.

But it looks like the two recently single divorcees are enjoying each other’s company in a platonic way, at least for now.

Neither party has ruled out the possibility of a future romance, but it seems Mackenzie has enough going on in her life these days without adding a new love story to the mix.

Mackenzie Standifer on MTV
Mackenzie Standifer stands here and has a conversation about an episode of Teen Mom OG. (Photo credit: MTV)

But hey, they say the best romantic relationships start as friendships!

No matter what, it seems that with a very dark chapter behind her, Mackenzie’s future looks extremely bright!


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