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Matthew Macfadyen Breaks Down the Intense Balcony Fight on ‘Succession’

Succession Star Matthew Macfadyen on The Balcony Fight: “Something Breaks”

Succession fans were left on the edge of their seats after the events of the balcony fight in “Hunting,” an episode of the second season that aired in 2019. The altercation between Shiv and Tom was one of the most memorable moments of the show and left viewers wondering about the repercussions of the fight on the future of the relationship between the characters.

The Actor’s Interpretation of the Balcony Fight

Matthew Macfadyen, who plays Tom Wamsgans on the show, recently shared his perspective on the fight in an interview with The Unlisted News. According to Macfadyen, the balcony scene was a crucial moment in the show as it marked the moment that Tom realized that he was getting out of his depth in his relationship with Shiv.

The actor stated that they rehearsed the scene a few times, and by the time they got to filming, they knew exactly what they wanted to achieve. The scene was about two people who were struggling to articulate their feelings to each other, leading to a physical altercation.

Exploring Character Dynamics

The balcony fight was a crucial part of exploring the dynamic between Tom and Shiv’s relationship, and Macfadyen points out that things were going badly wrong for the characters before the altercation. He notes how Tom had no clear direction or purpose while Shiv’s character was becoming more influential in the family business, leading to a power struggle between the two.

The balcony scene was simply the breaking point for the characters. The fight was not the focus; instead, the moment was seen by the actors as an opportunity for the characters to reveal their vulnerability and show their complex emotional state. Macfadyen notes that the scene was highly emotional, and both actors were able to convey their emotions through their acting and physicality, resulting in a powerful scene.

A Powerful Scene with Lasting Implications

The balcony scene may have been a significant moment in the show, but its implications did not end there. According to Macfadyen, the balcony fight had lasting effects on the relationship between Tom and Shiv in later episodes. The two characters continued to have a complex and challenging dynamic throughout the rest of the season, with the balcony fight continuing to have subtle effects on their interactions.

Overall, the balcony scene in Succession was a crucial moment in the show, both in terms of exploring character dynamics and in terms of the lasting implications of the scene. Macfadyen’s interpretation of the scene provides insights into the motivations of the characters and highlights the emotional complexity of the scene.

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