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Meri Brown has her eyes on the future.

And he hopes all of his loyal fans can follow suit and say the same.

In a video shared on his Instagram and TikTok accounts on Thursday, Tell offered this insightful advice to fans around the world:

“When you are lost, or the path of life has led you down an unknown path, just stop!”

Meri Brown Kody who I am forging a new path
In this TikTok video, Meri Brown encourages fans to make a “new plan.” (Tik Tok)

Meri, of course, was forced to follow an unknown path in January.

She and Kody Brown ended their marriage at that point after many years of unhappiness.

Despite this unhappiness, and despite this lack of romance, Meri has stated time and time again over the years that she would not give up on their relationship.

But then the decision was basically made for her.

1686913808 164 Meri Brown Kody who I am forging a new path
Meri Brown is in London in this photo, and she looks pretty happy about it, too. (instagram)

“After more than a decade of working on our relationship in our own unique way, we have made the decision to permanently end our marital relationship,” the ex-spouses wrote online, after People magazine published a report claiming the couple he was receiving a spiritual upgrade. divorce.

Meri and Kody added:

“During this process, we are committed to being kind and respectful to one another and to all members of our family.”

“We are also committed to the ongoing healing of any and all relationships with family so that we can move forward with forgiveness, grace, and love.”

Meri Brown to critics Please stop judging me Youre really.webp
Go away, girl! Meri Brown is out and about in this photo. (instagram)

In the many months since this move was made, Meri has returned to her native Utah and penned one cryptic message after another.

Brown never quotes Kody by name in these posts, but consider what else he said Thursday.

“Stop so you can redirect. Stop so you can make a new plan. Just pause for a moment to reset your internal GPS and follow your new path to your amazing new destination!

It’s pretty clear this was written by someone looking for a new destination and/or trip after ending a long-term romance.

Meri Brown Kody who I am forging a new path
Meri Brown is on a plane to London in this photo of the longtime Sister Wives star. (instagram)

Meri went on to share that using a GPS navigation system is designed to be helpful… but it can actually make the experience “more chaotic and stressful.”

She explained her thinking as follows:

“So I’m thinking about this in comparison to my life and the times I’ve stopped and stopped to reroute in the last two years because I’ve been realizing that I’m in a place that may not be the best route for me. .”

Meri even admits here that she’s “really had to stop and think about where I want to be” lately.

1686069910 432 Meri Brown to critics Please stop judging me Youre really
We are in close, personal contact with Meri Brown. The Sister Wives star is looking directly into the camera. (instagram)

Meri, who recently compared polygamy to being locked in a cage, continued:

“For me, it’s about pausing, really getting in touch with myself and finding out who I am. What I want, what I need and really what is my final destination”.

He called the experience “super exciting” and concluded the post with some advice for his followers, stating in the video:

“So if you’re in that place where you need to take a break and figure things out for yourself. Alright. Do it. Worthy, my friend, you have this.

1686913808 61 Meri Brown Kody who I am forging a new path
Meri Brown smiles here for the camera as part of her weekly Friday with Friends segment on Instagram. (instagram)

Along this very issue, Meri recently opened up about feeling “worthy” in a candid post-breakup Instagram post, writing:

The version of you that you are right now is the reason you have what you have. If you want something different, you need to do something different and become someone different.

The big dreams you have will require a new and improved version of yourself.

Don’t give up on yourself. Do something every day that brings you closer to your dreams and goals. You are worthy of achieving it!




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