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Neena Gupta on her kiss scene with actor Dilip Dhawan for a series: “I rinsed my mouth with Dettol, it was difficult” – Entertainment News, Unlisted News – UnlistedNews

Neena Gupta is getting ready for Lust Stories 2 which is streaming on Netflix from June 29. In an interview with Inside Bollywood, she recalled her kiss scene with actor Dilip Dhawan for a series called dillagi they did it back in the 90s. She said, “As an actor, you have to do all kinds of scenes, sometimes you have to step in mud, sometimes you have to stand in the sun for several hours. Many years ago I did a serial with Dilip Dhawan. He had the first lip to lip kissing scene on Indian television. I couldn’t sleep all night. He wasn’t like he was a friend; we were known He was handsome, but that doesn’t really matter in these situations because, physically and mentally, he wasn’t ready. I was very tense, but I convinced myself to keep going.”

He added, “It’s like some people can’t do comedy, some people can’t cry on camera. I drilled it into my head, and I did. As soon as it was over, I rinsed out my mouth with Dettol. It was very difficult for me to kiss someone I don’t know.”

Kajol on the evolution of Lust

Kajol is also part of the anthology. She said that people should normalize the concept of female pleasure in society just like eating and drinking.

“At one point, as a society, we were very open about it. It was part of our ancient texts and our education. Later we closed to him. But at the end of the day, it’s a very normal part of life that we can’t do without. I think it needs to be normalized in the same way that we have normalized eating and drinking. It’s really a matter of making it part of the conversation rather than shutting it down. Trying not to talk about it gives you more attention and focus,” Kajol said while speaking to Filmfare.

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