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Netflix launches a new personalized center tab on mobile phones – UnlistedNews

Netflix has launched “My Netflix”, a new central tab personalized to make it easy to discover new TV series or movies added to the streaming giant’s list.

The one-stop-shop will also offer shortcuts to downloads or reminders of previous viewings and access to the latest episodes to continue binge-watching. On Monday, My Netflix launched on the IOS platform and will be available to Android mobile phone users in early August.

“When you’re on the go with your phone, go straight to My Netflix, where you can quickly choose something you’ve saved or downloaded to watch. You can still visit your Home tab and other sections of the application to discover our complete catalog of series and movies ”, Netflix promised in your place as it introduced the mobile phone app new tab to allow subscribers to better discover and play new content.

The My Netflix tab, replacing the current Downloads tab, will enable downloads, access to shows saved to My List or already watched, notifications, reminders, and other features. “Everything in one tab for the first time. Now, you can easily pick something to watch that you probably already love,” Netflix noted.

The innovation is aimed at giving Netflix subscribers more control over the programming choices they make, rather than relying on the streaming video giant’s algorithm-driven content suggestions. Making the streaming service easier to use as subscribers spend more time watching content on their mobile phones has been a focus for Netflix as it has disrupted traditional TV viewing habits over time.

The streaming service also hopes that subscribers will get used to using the new innovation.

“Keep in mind that the more you interact and tell Netflix what you like, like saving more action thrillers like Extraction 2 to My List or liking each season of Bridgerton, more you will see in the My Netflix tab,” the online gamer said on his blog site.


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