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Pete Davidson Faces Penalties After Car Accident; He attends traffic school and community service. – UnlistedNews

Pete Davidson, the renowned comedian, was ordered to attend traffic school and perform mandatory community service as part of the penalties following his car crash into a Beverly Hills home earlier this year. The Los Angeles district attorney’s office released a statement on June 16, confirming the misdemeanor reckless driving charge Davidson faces after the incident.

Pete Davidson’s car accident

On the night of March 4, at the Beverly Hills apartments, Davidson’s Mercedes skidded off the sidewalk, collided with a fire hydrant, and crashed into a residential property. Fortunately, no serious injuries were reported, and both the Beverly Hills Police Department (BHPD) and the District Attorney confirmed the absence of drugs or alcohol as contributing factors in the crash. Davidson’s girlfriend, Chase Sui Wonders, who he has been with for a few months, was with him in the car at the time.

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The Pete Davidson Diversion Program

On July 24, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles district attorney’s office revealed that Davidson was placed in an 18-month “diversion program” as an alternative to prosecution. This program involves 12 hours of traffic school and 50 hours of community service, which Davidson can complete in New York. Given his father’s affiliation with the New York Fire Department (NYFD), Davidson’s attorney indicated that it is likely that he will perform his NYFD community service.

Davidson’s involvement in reckless driving and the subsequent car accident resulted in this legal action. The district attorney stressed the importance of holding people accountable for reckless driving, particularly considering the increase in traffic fatalities in Los Angeles of late. Davidson, who has struggled with mental health issues including borderline personality disorder, depression and anxiety, previously sought help and checked into rehab on June 28. Despite the challenges, he must now comply with the court’s requirements, ensuring a constructive outcome to this unfortunate incident.

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