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“Prince Harry’s Proud Smile Shines at King Charles’ Coronation”

Prince Harry attended the historic coronation of his father, King Charles, despite rumors that he would not show up. The Duke of Sussex appeared to be in good spirits throughout the ceremony, though he did not publicly pay homage to his father like his brother, Prince William, did. Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, did not accompany him to the event and remained in California with their two children. After the ceremony, Harry reportedly planned to quickly return home to celebrate his son Archie’s fourth birthday. Despite Harry’s strained relationships with his family, he did speak with Charles before the coronation, and they seem to have arranged a tentative truce. However, Harry wore civilian attire to the event instead of his military uniform due to previous controversies. The scrutiny on Harry’s relationship with his father and brother has been intense, but perhaps now he can return to a more normal life.

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