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“Sarah Ferguson’s Solo Celebration of the Coronation: An Inside Look”

How Sarah Ferguson Celebrated The Coronation At Home After Not Being Invited

Sarah Ferguson, the former working Royal Family member, was not invited to King Charles III’s coronation on May 6. However, the Duchess of York celebrated the occasion in her own way. Ahead of the big day, Fergie shared on her Instagram account how she would celebrate the event. She assembled a tea party for the residents at the Manor Care Home in Windsor, including a drink called “Camilla’s Tea” and a tasty treat named “Charles’ Crunchy Cream Cake.” She also included Muick and Sandy, the late Queen Elizabeth II’s Pembroke Welsh corgis in her festivities as she adopted them after the monarch’s death in September 2022.

Despite not being invited to the coronation, Sarah Ferguson didn’t feel upset. She said during her talk show appearance on Loose Women that she would have a little tearoom and coronation chicken sandwich, put up bunting, and watch it on the telly. Fergie also stated that she has no expectations as she is divorced from Prince Andrew and can’t have it both ways. Sarah and Prince Andrew married in 1986 and divorced in 1996. Still, they remain close to Queen Elizabeth II, and Fergie still lives with Prince Andrew in Windsor. King Charles III, Queen Camilla, and Princess Eugenie attended the coronation, while Prince Andrew had no formal role due to being stripped of his military titles and patronages in 2022 after a sex abuse lawsuit surfaced.

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