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“Speculations abound: Is a Bieber baby on the way for Justin and Hailey?”

Well, it’s been noted that Hailey and the Peaches singer, Justin Bieber, were missing from this year’s Met Gala. The couple, who have been in the spotlight since the beginning of this year, have been the subject of rumors questioning the status of their relationship. Speculations have been made on whether they are still in love or falling apart.

To possibly mend the damage, starting a new chapter in their lives could be the only option left, especially since this year hasn’t been good for Hailey. She even expressed her mental health struggles on Instagram, stating how she has been affected by ongoing hate and disputes.

Rumors have now surfaced on TikTok that suggest Hailey is pregnant, with speculations that she and Justin will soon become parents. According to the TikTok user, the couple is currently celebrating their pregnancy aboard a yacht near Bakers Bay in the Bahamas, a place that holds a special connection for the couple since it’s where they got engaged.

As of now, the couple hasn’t verified anything, so the news remains a rumor until confirmed by an authoritative source. Even though the TikToker has proof of the couple celebrating their news near Bakers Bay, it can’t be considered true until the news is confirmed. Nonetheless, fans would be excited to know that their favorite couple would be stepping into a new chapter of life while putting an end to all allegations about their relationship.

In conclusion, the couple is yet to confirm the pregnancy rumor, so it remains a speculation. Fans will have to wait for an authoritative announcement to be made to know the truth about Hailey and Justin Bieber’s pregnancy status.

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