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“Stars Speak Out Against ‘Disgusting’ Trump After E. Jean Carroll Verdict: Jamie Lee Curtis, Mira Sorvino and More”

Celebrities Slam ‘Disgusting’ Donald Trump After E. Jean Carroll Verdict

A verdict has been reached in the E. Jean Carroll defamation lawsuit against former President Donald Trump, and the reaction from Hollywood’s A-listers has been clear. The case involved allegations by Carroll that Trump had sexually assaulted her in the 1990s, which he vehemently denied and called her a liar in media interviews, leading Carroll to sue him for defamation.

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis tweeted, “The verdict against DonaldTrump is a win for the women that come forward about rape and abuse. Which is also, in some way, a win for generations of women before them who were not believed. And may we continue to win, until this kind of behavior is in the past?” While Mira Sorvino tweeted, “Wonderful news! Clearly Trump defamed her, and acknowledging so may affect his legal woes. One down, many to go…”

Other celebrities such as Bette Midler, Mia Farrow, and Rosie O’Donnell also shared their thoughts on the verdict, with Farrow tweeting, “Nobody is above the law! Justice has been served. But E. Jean Carroll’s ordeal reminds us of the great bravery it takes to speak truth to power.” And Midler adding, “The good news is Trump has been found guilty in his sexual assaulting accuser’s lawsuit! The bad news is he’s got oodles more where that came from. The guy’s a monster! Dems need to sue him for Jan. 6th & the Senate MUST indict him for his behavior during the pandemic.”

Carroll’s case has been seen as a victory for women who have been victims of sexual assault and harassment, with many celebrities using the verdict to speak out about the importance of believing women who come forward with allegations. The verdict also has legal implications for Trump, with the possibility of further lawsuits from other accusers looming over him.

Despite the celebrities’ reactions, Trump has remained defiant in the face of the verdict. In a statement, he maintained his innocence and derided the verdict as a politically motivated attack, stating, “I’ll fight on and continue to stand up against the vicious attacks and smears from the far-left and their media lapdogs.”

The reactions from Hollywood’s elite reflect a larger cultural shift towards believing women who come forward with allegations of sexual assault and harassment, and holding powerful men accountable for their actions. As the #MeToo movement continues to gain momentum, it is clear that the voices of these women and the support they receive from allies such as celebrities are essential in creating a safer and more equitable world.

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