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“Stewy Will Always Pick Money”: Arian Moayed on ‘Succession’s’ Only Friendship and Top Memories From the Show

“Stewy Will Always Pick Money”: Arian Moayed on ‘Succession’s’ Only Friendship and Top Memories From the Show

Succession’s Ultimate Businessman- Stewy

Arian Moayed, the renowned actor from ‘Succession’, recently sat down for an interview where he revealed some interesting facts about his character, Stewy Hosseini-Fakhr, and the show. Moayed discussed how Succession, a show about the power struggle of a family media empire, has become a cultural phenomenon due to its excellent writing, direction, and acting performances.

Moayed’s character, Stewy, is a businessman who represents everything wrong with the corporate world. The character is very shrewd, calculating, and will always put his interests above anyone else’s. Moayed states that Stewy will always pick money over relationships, which is one of the primary reasons why he is so successful in his business.

Stewy’s Only Friend- Kendall

Stewy’s only friend in the show is Kendall Roy, played by actor Jeremy Strong. Moayed describes their relationship as one of convenience, where they both benefit from each other’s company. Moayed also mentions that Stewy knows that Kendall is a formidable businessman and considers him a partner in their underhanded dealings.

However, despite their friendship, Stewy will not hesitate to betray Kendall if it means earning more money. Moayed believes that this dynamic between the two characters is what makes the show so compelling to watch.

Moayed’s Top Memories From Succession

Moayed also shared some of his top memories from working on the show, one of which was his first scene with Brian Cox, who plays the show’s patriarch, Logan Roy. Moayed describes the experience as surreal and states that he was in awe of Cox’s acting prowess.

The actor also spoke about how much he enjoyed working with the show’s creator, Jesse Armstrong, who has won multiple awards for his writing and direction on the show. Moayed believes that Armstrong’s unique vision is what sets Succession apart from other shows and has helped create its cult following.

Moayed also talked about how much he enjoyed working with the entire cast of Succession, describing them as a tight-knit family. He added that filming the show was as much fun as watching it.

In Conclusion

Overall, Arian Moayed’s interview provided some exciting insights into the world of Succession and his character, Stewy. His observations on the show’s writing, direction, and acting performances are a testament to the hard work that has gone into making Succession a cultural phenomenon.

The character of Stewy and his relationship with Kendall Roy is one of the primary reasons why the show is so compelling to watch. Moayed’s top memories from working on the show were also a reminder of how much fun it is to watch the show and how much effort goes into creating its engaging storyline and characters.

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