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Suspected Burglar of Ashley Martson’s Salon Also Arrested for Homicide, 90 Day Fiance Alum Reveals – UnlistedNews

Earlier this year, we reported that someone robbed Ashley Martson’s salon, breaking in and ransacking the place.

He 90 day fiance alum was pretty quiet after the incident, probably hoping not to interfere with the case against the thief.

Now, the suspect faces more than just robbery charges.

David Brian Hartsook is also accused of fatally shooting a security guard.

Suspected Burglar of Ashley Martsons Salon Also Arrested for Homicide
David Brian Hartsook, seen here in this mugshot, is facing multiple criminal charges in Pennsylvania, including a somewhat famous robbery. Police also accuse him of fatally shooting a security guard. (Berks County Jail)

“Remember the guy who stole my classroom?” Ashley Martson asked her fans and supporters on Tuesday.

“He killed someone,” he announced.

She linked to a story about the alleged Hartsook shooting, in which one security guard was killed and another wounded.

1684941311 940 Suspected Burglar of Ashley Martsons Salon Also Arrested for Homicide
On Tuesday, May 23, Ashley Martson told her followers that the suspect in the robbery of her salon was also facing a murder charge. (instagram)

Hartsook is facing charges in the shooting death of a security guard in Berks County.

However, he allegedly created a series of crimes in and around York County.

One of those more local crimes was the robbery and looting of his Springettsbury Township saloon (yes, that’s his real name).

Suspected Burglar of Ashley Martsons Salon Also Arrested for Homicide
In early February 2023, Ashley Martson shared security footage of her salon being robbed. (instagram)

In early February, Ashley took to social media to seek the public’s help in identifying the break-ins.

He even shared the security camera video (which we, at the time, converted to a GIF for your convenience) of the perpetrators.

Although Ashley later removed the post (perhaps at the request of case authorities), she didn’t have to wait long.

1684941313 506 Suspected Burglar of Ashley Martsons Salon Also Arrested for Homicide
In her Instagram caption, Ashley Martson sought the public’s help in identifying the thieves who ransacked her salon. (instagram)

Just two days after the robbery, Springettsbury Township Police identified the suspects.

Investigators arrested David and Richard Hartsook and charged the brothers with robbery and theft.

All of that was reduced in the first days of February. In May, there was a turn.

1684941313 115 Suspected Burglar of Ashley Martsons Salon Also Arrested for Homicide
During her time on 90 Day Fiance, Ashley Martson had plenty of opportunities to express disappointment, frustration, and heartbreak. (TLC)

Last week, Berks County officials charged David Hartsook with first-degree murder.

Police arrested him at his home in York City.

(He was out on bail after the robbery at Ashley’s saloon and also another robbery case. The guy supposedly loves crime!)

1684941313 961 Suspected Burglar of Ashley Martsons Salon Also Arrested for Homicide
During a bizarre scandal, Ashley Martson felt the need to “prove” things, including her medical history, to fans who had latched onto conspiracy theories. (instagram)

Hartsook allegedly opened fire on two private security agents in August 2022.

The two were on patrol in Morgantown, Berks County.

It appears investigators believe he was in the process of sealing the vehicles’ catalytic converters when security bids, doing their job, caught him in the act.

Suspected Burglar of Ashley Martsons Salon Also Arrested for Homicide
Despite breaking up (once again) with her then-husband, and not for the last time, Ashley Martson modeled for a bridal photo shoot. Life can be weird sometimes. (instagram)

Troy Rickenbach, 37, was killed in the shooting.

His partner, Rafael Yambo, 43, was injured.

It’s heartbreaking to hear that. To both men and especially to Rickenbach’s loved ones.

1684941314 244 Suspected Burglar of Ashley Martsons Salon Also Arrested for Homicide
After her initial post, Ashley Martson continued to communicate with fans and followers about her stolen beauty salon. (instagram)

We mentioned that Hartsook was out on bail for the robbery. and for another robbery when police arrested him last week.

The other crime occurred just two months after that shooting.

On September 29 of last year, he allegedly stole a $100 trash can. He literally just drove into a ban, grabbed the handle and kept driving, eventually throwing the dumpster into the truck. A man who lived down the street saw everything and wrote down the license number.

Ashley Martson: her time is up
For many episodes of 90 Day Fiance, Ashley Martson just wasn’t having a good time. (instagram)

Hartsook’s case was still in progress when he and his brother allegedly ransacked the salon of Ashley Martson, Martson Hair Co., on February 1.

They took hair clippers, razors, and other tools, presumably for resale or for their metals. They stole cash and coins from cash registers, and even two safes, containing $100, a gun, and “various documents.” In total, the stolen items were worth as much as $20,000 if not more. A devastating loss for her and her business.

It seems the thieves loaded the goods into the dumpsters and left in a black van. A black van not unlike the one Hartsook allegedly used to rob a garbage can. That’s… quite a modus operandi to choose when you’re already under investigation.

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