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Tammy Slaton sizzles in a bodycon dress and sticks it on her estranged hubby – UnlistedNews

Well…okay, Tammy Slaton!

wow girl!

You just go on and on and on.

You sure have earned it.

Tammy Slaton sizzles in a bodycon dress and sticks it.webp
This is Tammy Slaton’s look. We love it! (instagram)

It’s hard to have any other reaction to the latest photo the 1000-Lb Sisters shared on social media, considering it shows Slaton in an especially skintight, skintight dress.

As you can see above, Tammy is also wearing her red hair in a sleek half-up, half-down style while letting her curls hang free.

Tammy did not include any captions along with this snapshot.

But it’s the latest example of Slaton flaunting his newly trim figure.

Tammy Slaton Goes Silly Wears Bunny Ears Amid Impending Divorce.webp
Tammy Slaton seems to be in a very good mood here, doesn’t she? (instagram)

The TLC personality nearly died in 2021 after her lungs collapsed and she was placed in a medically induced coma.

Seriously, by his own admission, Slaton almost died.

However, to her credit, Tammy later checked into a rehab facility in Ohio, lost enough weight to qualify for gastric bypass surgery, and now weighs less than 500 pounds.

He no longer needs the help of an oxygen tube and rarely uses a wheelchair.

1686756910 65 Tammy Slaton walks alone surprises the surgeon who changed her
Well done Tammy Slaton! The reality star continues to receive praise for her weight loss journey. (instagram)

Meanwhile, is it a coincidence that Slaton was so active on Instagram and TikTok so soon after splitting from her husband, Caleb Willingham?

Most observers assume that she is trying to send a message to her ex-spouse through this latest seductive photo.

In a since-deleted Facebook post, Caleb himself confirmed the split, telling people in April that Tammy made the call and admitting to his friends at the time:

“I am hurt, angry, confused and alone even with other people around. Thank you for your love, prayer and support.”

Tammy Slaton sizzles in a bodycon dress and sticks it
Tammy Slaton looks pretty hot these days, doesn’t she? We are very proud of her. (instagram)

The estranged spouses met inside a rehab center in Ohio and then exchanged vows in the parking lot of that same building last November.

“They broke up because Caleb hasn’t been following his diet in rehab,” The Sun previously reported.

“He’s gained 30 pounds and hasn’t been working on his program.”

A source also claimed that Willingham had promised to move closer to Kentucky after she left rehab… only he never followed through on this move.

Tammy Slaton sizzles in a bodycon dress and sticks it
Caleb Willingham and Tammy Slaton were only married for five months. The marriage now appears to be over. (TLC)

Tammy and Caleb are still legally married as far as we know, but the latter wrote in late April that the relationship now only exists “on paper only.”

It’s pretty sad.

But then there’s this: Slaton seems to have moved on!

According to a recent report, she already has a new boyfriend.


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