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Teresa Giudice’s friends are concerned after Luis Ruelas’s ex filed a restraining order – UnlistedNews

Much to the chagrin of countless viewers, it looks like we’ll be seeing more of Luis Ruelas when Teresa Giudice returns to RHONJ Season 14.

He’s been alienating viewers for the same reason Tre’s friends and loved ones don’t like him: he’s an aggressive creep.

Luis’s ex-fiancee has filed a restraining order against him. She accuses him of stalking her. and the context is extra annoying

Given the circumstances, Teresa’s friends are more worried than ever about her. But she is not willing to listen.

Teresa Giudices friends are concerned after Luis Ruelass ex filed
Making a big facial expression, Luis Ruelas accuses that his brother-in-law’s problems and his timing are deliberate. (Bravo)

Before we get into how people are reacting, let’s talk about the restraining order.

Vanessa Reiser is the ex-fiancee of Luis Ruelas.

He works as a therapist who specializes in narcissistic abuse, which is a kind of in the nose considering what Luis supposedly did.

1685096529 670 Is Luis Ruelas the Next Jen Shah Class Action Suit
Although the Meeting could have been a moment to soften their image, Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas redoubled their hostilities. (Bravo)

According to Vanessa’s presentation, one of her patients was not a real patient, but a spy.

The fake patient visited her three or four times under a fake name.

What tipped off Vanessa to the patient’s identity was that he asked Vanessa direct and personal questions, such as whether she still loved Luis and would take him back if he left Teresa.

1689334208 88 Teresa Giudices friends are concerned after Luis Ruelass ex filed
Sporting especially rubeus, Luis Ruelas had tense and angry exchanges on the season 13 finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. (Bravo)

vanessa’s lawyer I talk to page six about the experience

“It was strange that she kept asking for all this information,” the lawyer said.

Vanessa’s lawyer continued, noting that the alleged spy asked “that if Luis ever left his wife and he wasn’t happy, would she ever accept him.”

1689334208 681 Teresa Giudices friends are concerned after Luis Ruelass ex filed
Taking refuge in the rain, Luis Ruelas asks his future girlfriend how things went with her sister-in-law. (Bravo)

Luis’s lawyer denies that Luis hired someone to infiltrate Vanessa’s workplace in order to spy on her.

(Things are looking very bad for Luis in light of his vocal and repeated claims that he hires private investigators to investigate his enemies)

Meanwhile, reports say that Teresa is unwilling to believe this, or anything else negative, about Luis. What else is new?

1685096528 690 Is Luis Ruelas the Next Jen Shah Class Action Suit
Teresa Giudice thanked her “chosen family” for attending the opening party of her and Luis Ruelas’ “love bubble”, which felt like a prick. (Bravo)

Now, online radar reports that those closest to Teresa are feeling concern. After all, her husband’s ex just filed a new restraining order.

Initially, more people in his inner circle were concerned that he only wanted her for her money. He has faced bankruptcy and lawsuits over his business.

Now, however, the concern is more personal. Is this how Luis treats his ex? And, if so, is he fishing to see if he can ditch Teresa and get back to Vanessa?

1685096528 214 Is Luis Ruelas the Next Jen Shah Class Action Suit
Luis Ruelas says that he is always receiving reproaches from his future brother-in-law, and that his then fiancée’s ex-husband warned him that it would be like that. (Bravo)

Obviously, if that was your question, you have your answer: a restraining order is as loud and clear as “no” can be.

This isn’t the first time one of Luis’s exes has said something unflattering about him. Unflattering or downright alarming.

Teresa may find that things change considerably for her if things with Luis go awry. Her loved ones hope that being in the spotlight will keep Luis on his best behavior.


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