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“Turkish Heartthrob Burak Deniz Opens Up About First Time India Visit: Shares Thoughts on Aamir Khan and Bollywood Offers”

Speaking to Unlisted News via a translator, Burak Deniz, one of the most popular Turkish actors, admitted he didn’t realize the extent of his fan base in India until he witnessed it first hand at FICCI Frames 2023. Fans flocked to him for selfies, and it took a lot of security and a separate room for the star to have a chat with HT City, one that would mark his first interview in this part of the world. In the interview, Deniz stated he wished to visit India long before because he loved the country’s culture. He said that he wished he had spent more time in India, but his job kept him busy in Turkey.

Deniz is best known for his shows Aşk Laftan Anlamaz, Shahmaran, and The Ignorant Angels. Speaking about his love for spicy food, Deniz mentioned he was aware that he enjoyed a fan following, especially among Indian women, but he denied realizing the full extent of his popularity there. Deniz discussed cultural similarities between India and Turkey, as well as similarities in their projects. According to him, both projects are full of sensitivity, and hence people from both countries understand each other.

Deniz expressed his fondness for PK and 3 Idiots, stating that he couldn’t recall their Turkish translations, and he ends up talking about Aamir Khan r\em. During the interview, Deniz also emphasized the need for bringing different cultures together. Cultural exchange and such events are essential for all sectors. It is great that people can communicate, feel each other’s energy, talk face to face and be all in the same ship, he added. Finally, he talked about globalization bringing people closer and the world becoming smaller.

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