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“Uncovering Prince Harry’s Ladies’ Man Persona Beyond Meghan: The Many Affairs”

Not just Meghan, the many affairs of Ladies’ man Harry!

Prince Harry is no stranger to the spotlight and controversy. The Duke of Sussex’s recent split from his wife, Meghan Markle, has been making headlines across the globe. While the couple’s relationship and ultimate separation have been widely discussed, Harry’s romantic history prior to meeting Meghan has also been under the microscope. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the “ladies’ man” Prince Harry and his many affairs before he met Meghan Markle.

The Chelsy Davy Affair

Harry and Chelsy Davy

One of the most talked-about relationships in Harry’s dating history is his long-term relationship with South African lawyer Chelsy Davy. The two began dating in 2004 and had an on-again, off-again relationship that lasted for nearly 10 years. The relationship was tumultuous and full of ups and downs. In 2011, Davy ended the relationship for good, citing the intense media scrutiny and pressure that came with dating a member of the royal family.

The Cressida Bonas Romance

Harry and Cressida Bonas
Harry and Cressida Bonas

After his split from Davy, Harry moved on to another woman – Cressida Bonas. Bonas is an accomplished actress, dancer, and model who found herself thrust into the spotlight when she began dating Harry in 2012. The couple dated for two years before breaking up in 2014. Much like with Davy, media attention and pressure played a significant role in the couple’s ultimate separation.

The Mollie King Fling

Harry and Mollie King
Harry and Mollie King

In addition to his more high-profile relationships, Prince Harry has also been linked to a number of other women. One of these is British singer Mollie King. King, who is best known for being a member of the girl group The Saturdays, reportedly had a brief fling with Harry in 2012. According to reports, the couple went on a few dates before ultimately calling it quits.

The Natalie Pinkham Connection

Harry and Natalie Pinkham
Harry and Natalie Pinkham

Another name that has been linked to Harry is British TV presenter Natalie Pinkham. Pinkham and Harry reportedly met through mutual friends in 2003 and have remained close ever since. While there has been no confirmation of a romantic relationship between the two, rumors have persisted for years.

The Jenna Coleman Rumors

Harry and Jenna Coleman
Jenna Coleman

In 2015, rumors began to circulate that Harry was dating British actress Jenna Coleman. Coleman, who is best known for her role in the hit TV series Doctor Who, was spotted at a number of events with Harry and was even rumored to have stayed the night at Kensington Palace. Despite the rumors, neither Coleman nor Harry ever confirmed the relationship.

The Ellie Goulding Allegations

Harry and Ellie Goulding
Harry and Ellie Goulding

Rounding out the list of Harry’s rumored relationships is British singer Ellie Goulding. In 2016, reports surfaced that the two had shared a kiss at a polo match. While Goulding has since denied any romantic relationship with Harry, the rumors persisted for years.

In Conclusion

Prince Harry’s romantic history is certainly a colorful one, full of ups and downs, high-profile relationships, and rumors. While he has now settled down with Meghan Markle, it is clear that Harry’s “ladies’ man” reputation will continue to follow him for years to come.

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