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“Unseen Letter Reveals Princess Diana’s Stance on the British Monarchy”

Did Princess Diana support the British royal monarchy? Here’s what an unseen letter from the past reveals.

Princess Diana was one of the most beloved figures in the history of the British monarchy. According to recent reports, the princess was a monarchy enthusiast and supporter. Paul Burrell, her butler who worked for her for ten years, has shared an unseen letter handwritten by Princess Diana where she talks about her wish to see the monarchy thrive.

The butler shared his thoughts on what he thought would happen if she were still alive. The letter was written between 1993 and 1997 and says, “I so want the monarchy to survive and realize the changes that will take to put ‘the show’ on a new and healthy track.”

Another passage of the never-seen-before letter shared with OK! says, “I am here to support Mama [the Queen] and to bring W + H up in order to cope with the fast-changing world we live in. I love my boys to death and hope that the seeds I’ve planted will grow and bring the strength, knowledge, and stability that is needed.”

Burrell explained that Princess Diana used to leave notes and letters for him all the time on his desk. She would say, “Whenever I have a thought and you’re not there, I have to write it down, otherwise, I’ll forget.”

“She was thinking about her life and the way forward and her sons and her part in the royal family. She never wanted to leave the royal family and she wanted to be an ambassador for the royal family around the world. I think that’s what the perfect role for her would have been. Quite frankly, if she was around today, I could see her in Ukraine,” Burrell added.

Talking about why he shared the letter days before Princess Diana’s former husband, King Charles III’s coronation, he said, “I wanted you to see Diana’s handwriting and her words because they are so poignant at this moment in time, tied into the coronation and tied into the fact she was a monarchist.” He then proceeded to claim, “She loved the royal family and she wanted the royal family to survive.” Burrell added that it had also got to do with the fact that Diana’s sons William and Harry were a part of the monarchy.

Back to the coronation, the butler claims that Princess Diana wouldn’t harbor any animosity towards Charles or his present wife and Queen Consort, Camilla. “I always think to myself, ‘What would she do in this situation?’ And she would have been at the coronation looking glorious, in her sixties, outshining everyone the way she did.” He added, “I don’t think she would hold any animosity at all towards her ex-husband or towards her ex-husband’s wife. I think she would have gone on in life and achieved her own ambitions, still being royal and regal.”

Despite Burrell’s claims, the Internet doesn’t seem to ever be willing to forgive Charles and Camilla. Their relationship timeline also reports that Charles cheated on Diana with Camilla, and the two allegedly mistreated the princess. Diana’s own interviews have revealed how unhappy she was in her namesake marriage with the now-King. The coronation will take place on May 6, 2023 and will be followed by a coronation concert tomorrow.

In conclusion, it is clear that Princess Diana was an ardent supporter of the British monarchy and wanted to see it thrive. Her handwritten letter expresses her views and wishes to support the queen and bring her sons up to cope with the fast-changing world. According to her butler, she would have been at the coronation event, looking glorious and achieving her own ambitions, still being royal and regal. Although there may be public animosity towards King Charles III and his Queen Consort, Camilla, Princess Diana would not have held any grudges against them and would have gone on to achieve her dreams.

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