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“Unveiling the Controversy: Understanding Vipul Shah and Adah Sharma’s Kerala Film”

The Kerala Story: Understanding the Controversy over Vipul Shah and Adah Sharma’s Film

The Indian film industry is no stranger to controversies, with the latest being the case of Vipul Shah’s film starring actress Adah Sharma. The film, which was supposed to be shot in Kerala, has been caught in a whirlwind of disputes and controversies, with various parties raising concerns over the script and proposed shooting locations.

This article seeks to delve into the various aspects of this controversy and provide a comprehensive understanding of the same.

The Background

Vipul Shah, a renowned director and producer, was all set to shoot his upcoming film starring Adah Sharma in various locations across Kerala. However, the film ran into trouble when various interest groups raised concerns over the script, the shooting locations, and casting choices.

It all started with the makers of the film seeking permission to shoot in a mosque located in Ernakulam. This request was met with opposition from various Muslim groups, who claimed that the film’s script was derogatory towards the community. The makers of the film denied these allegations and stated that the script had no such content.

However, the controversy did not end there. There were also concerns raised by the members of the state’s ruling party, the CPI(M), over the film’s proposed shooting locations. They claimed that the filmmakers had not taken the necessary permissions required to shoot in certain areas.

The Kerala Police also got involved in the matter, with the state police chief issuing a statement that the filmmakers had not taken the necessary permission from the department to shoot in a particular location.

The Response

In response to the slew of controversies, Vipul Shah issued a statement clarifying that the allegations were baseless and that the film had no intention of offending any religious or other interest groups. He further stated that the film represented a positive message about the state and its people.

The statement did little to quell the controversy, though. The opposition to the film continued to grow, with various organizations and individuals calling for a ban on the film and threatening to disrupt its shoot.

Later, in a bid to put the matter to rest, Vipul Shah announced that the film would no longer be shot in Kerala.

What Does This Controversy Mean?

The controversy surrounding Vipul Shah’s film has brought various issues to the fore. For one, it has highlighted the issue of artistic freedom and the challenges that filmmakers face in bringing their creative visions to life.

The controversy has also raised questions about the role of various interest groups and their ability to influence the creative process. While it is important for individuals and groups to voice their concerns, it is equally important to ensure that their objections are based on facts rather than conjecture.

Finally, the controversy underscores the need for proper communication between filmmakers and the relevant authorities. Issues could be avoided if the necessary permissions and approvals are taken in advance.


The controversy surrounding Vipul Shah’s film underscores the challenges that filmmakers face in bringing their artistic visions to life. It also highlights the need for proper communication between filmmakers and concerned parties to avoid misunderstandings and controversies.

While the controversy has resulted in the film no longer being shot in Kerala, the issue at hand goes beyond the specific film and highlights larger issues of artistic freedom, communication, and cultural sensitivity.

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