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What did Kelly Clarkson reveal about the feud between Scooter Braun and Taylor Swift? details inside – UnlistedNews

Kelly Clarkson has opened up about her viral tweet about Taylor Swift’s music, shedding light on how Taylor’s former music manager Scooter Braun reacted to her suggestion.

What did Clarkson say on the subject?

During an interview with Andy Cohen for a SiriusXM Town Hall special, The American Idol winner shared that Braun took offense at his tweet, which led him to contact his manager. However, Clarkson clarified that her tweet was not intended as a personal attack on Braun. She expressed her support for Swift’s decision to re-record her music and praised the immense support she received from her fans, as evidenced by her chart-topping success.

In 2019, when it was announced that Braun had acquired the rights to Swift’s first six albums through the acquisition of Big Machine Records, Clarkson took to Twitter with a suggestion for the Blank Space singer. She recommended that Swift re-record her songs, offering new artwork and incentives to encourage fans not to buy the original versions. It was a response to Swift’s public battle with Braun and her former record label.

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What was Scooter Braun’s response?

In her candid interview with Andy Cohen, Kelly Clarkson set the record straight about her tweet about Taylor Swift’s music and how Scooter Braun reacted to it. Clarkson revealed that Braun did not address her tweet directly and instead reached out to her manager. Despite the assumptions, Clarkson clarified that she had no intention of attacking Braun, as she initially didn’t even know who owned the rights to Swift’s music.

Conflicting information has since surfaced when a source disputed Clarkson’s account, alleging that Braun had sought Clarkson’s help in arranging a meeting with Swift, though it did not materialize.

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Clarkson praises Taylor Swift’s independent mindset

Clarkson expressed admiration for Swift’s independent thinking, suggesting that the “Lover” singer probably had the idea to re-record her music even before Clarkson tweeted her advice. It’s a testament to Swift’s artistic vision and determination to regain ownership of her creative work.

Throughout this ordeal, we witnessed Taylor Swift’s determined approach as she charts her own path and fights for control of her artistic creations. It serves as a reminder of the challenges artists face in maintaining ownership and the inspiring resilience they display in navigating the complexities of the music industry.

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