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“Why Prince Harry’s Attendance at The Coronation Has Royals Rattled”

Royals to Prince Harry: Why Did You Even Bother Coming to the Coronation?!

Prince Harry’s attendance at the coronation ceremony has sparked anger in the royal family. Why did he even bother coming? After all, everyone knew the invitation was an afterthought.

The Royal Family’s Relationship with Prince Harry

Since Prince Harry has moved to the United States, the Royal Family’s relationship with him has been rocky. First, there was the Oprah interview in which he and his wife Meghan Markle dishonored the Royal Family by revealing the secrets of their lives.

Since then, Prince Harry has made numerous public statements that have been seen as harsh criticisms of the Royal Family. It’s clear that there is a great deal of animosity between them and Prince Harry.

The Coronation Ceremony

The coronation ceremony was held to honor the Queen as she celebrated her 70th year on the throne. It was a grand occasion with the entire Royal Family in attendance.

However, Prince Harry was not expected to come until he received a last-minute invitation. Some members of the Royal Family were not happy about his attendance, especially considering the strained relationship he has with them.

Why Did Prince Harry Attend?

It is unclear why Prince Harry attended the coronation ceremony. Some speculate that he was trying to mend fences with the Royal Family. However, his attendance may have caused more damage than good, as several members of the Royal Family were visibly angry during the ceremony.

Prince Harry was seated next to his brother Prince William, but the two did not seem to be getting along. The tension between them was palpable, and everyone could see it.

Prince Harry’s Future with the Royal Family

Prince Harry’s future with the Royal Family remains unclear. It seems that there is little hope for reconciliation, as he has burned many bridges with his comments and actions. While Prince Harry may want to mend the relationship, it seems that the Royal Family is not ready to forgive and forget just yet.


In conclusion, Prince Harry’s attendance at the coronation ceremony has caused quite a stir in the Royal Family. While some members were happy to see him, others were visibly angry. His attendance may have been a move to mend fences with the Royal Family, but it seems to have done more damage than good. Only time will tell if Prince Harry will ever be able to patch up his relationship with the Royal Family.

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